The Best Way to Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Let’s face it, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale can be a bit of a challenge to shop. Things sell out SO fast! There are quite a few things I didn’t get to grab even with early access starting today. Here is my KEY tip for shopping the sale. Make A Wish List! I did it just by liking certain sizes and colors of items. On my day to shop (today), I went to my wish list and added everything I wanted to my cart in under a minute and checked out. No more searching for items and adding to cart and missing out.

This is a bit of a game-changer.

You will see above what I put in my cart. I was all about stocking up on bras and comfy clothes. The sweaters I wanted were not still available, but that’s okay. My total for shopping was under $200. I may not keep it all but at least I can try it on and make a good decision.

My budget for The Nordstrom Sale is not what it used to be and that is ok! There is a pandemic going on and I just moved. You have to do what is right for you and your budget.

P.S. Don’t miss my picks for The Nordstrom Sale Here

*Please note, I do make a small commission off of items purchased through my links. This contributes to my coffee and croissant fund for my next trip to Paris.

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  1. The wish list is amazing! I invested in lots of comfy pjs, a necklace, blanket and diptyque candles.

    I’m so happy you put a disclaimer about spending what is right for you. I’m all for treating myself in these uncertain times, but in moderation.

    • I am so happy you enjoyed the wish list! The diptqyue candles are amazing! You can break them up at little gifts and give them out or keep them all yourself 🙂

      We are all on different budgets and I never want anyone to feel pressure to spend more than they can.

      Enjoy your purchases and a good job of treating yourself. Thank you, Mandy!