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When I travel to NYC, I always hit the ground running as soon as I land. I try to take the earliest flight out so I can arrive in the early morning and have a full day to explore the city. There is no time to risk having the airline lose my luggage, so I prefer to pack in a carry-on. I absolutely love the Raden carry-on suitcase for so many reasons. First off, the design is so sleek and clean. The suitcase comes wrapped in a laundry bag so you can throw it in your suitcase to keep your dirty clothes separate as you travel, also an eye mask (which I totally swear by using for travel), ear plugs, and a charging cord. The Raden bag has some amazing features that set this luggage apart from others. You can charge your iPhone or iPad on the go with the built-in charger. Just hook up the cord and you are good to go. I can keep up to speed on my Instagram account or read a book on my Kindle while keeping charged through out my travel day. The Raden suitcase also comes with an app for your phone. Some of my favorite features include: TSA wait times (I haveTSA pre-check but this really helps with planning), call an Uber to get you to the airport, the weather for your destination, you can track your bag if you decide to check it, and best of all you can get the weight of your bag by simply lifting it. For someone that likes to push the limits and load my bag with French beauty products, this is a lifesaver.

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Suitcase by Raden 

Suitcase by Raden 

To keep my makeup and beauty products all organized in my carry-on, I love the Cuyana travel essentials leather bags. I save a little room in these bags if I want to bring back some of the hotel amenities depending on where I stay. My beauty routine is pretty simple but I can’t live without Benefit mascara, an eyelash curler, lip gloss, Bronzer by Trish McAvoy, Benefit eyeshadow and a few of my favorite brushes. I love the way Diptyque perfume smells; this one is my current favorite for the summer months.

If you are curious why I am headed to NYC, I am working on a Paris meets NYC guide. We have a huge list compiled for some great spots in NYC that are Parisian themed from cafés to boulangeries and a few beauty retailers. We can’t wait to share the whole list with you! You can follow along on our Instagram account through Insta Stories to see the fun live. Of course, we are always up to suggestions on more French places in the city, so feel free to comment below! xo

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  1. A girl after my own heart writing that guide! Paris is my favorite city and I live in New York. I’m sure you’ve heard of Lafayette but also recommend the new Cafe Henrie and of course MAMAN! The new one in Tribeca is beautiful and the almond croissant is incredible!

    • Meghan! Thank you so much for the recommendations. Oh I need to add Cafe Henrie to the list and Maman. I haven’t been to Lafayette yet but Le District yesterday was unreal. If you haven’t been you should go!! Can’t wait to share! xo