Entertaining : How to Pair Wine and Food

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We are clearly wine lovers here at Every Day Parisian. We always bring rosé to our picnics ( rosé all day ), pour glasses of Merlot to go with our cheese plates, and add champagne to our orange juice when we go out for brunch

Few things go hand in hand as beautifully as France and wine. This country has been making wine since the 6th century BC, and it one of the largest producers of wine to this day. Some of the well-known regions for French wine are Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Provence, and Champagne (fun fact: the bubbly beverage that we all know and love cannot be called “champagne” unless it actually comes from the Champagne region of France, otherwise it is just a sparkling wine).

Champagne and  Vosges Chocolates  

Champagne and Vosges Chocolates 

Here are some Rémy Pennier  wines that we are loving right now. Now, excuse us while we go turn on one of our Every Day Parisian playlists , get cozy in a chair by the window, and pour ourselves a glass of one of these fabulous wines!

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Rosé : Taste is of wild strawberries and red cherries. Serving suggestion cheeses, cold pasta salads, seafood, and fried calamari. 

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Vouvray : The flavor is round and refreshing with lime, almond and hints of spice. Serving suggestion is roasted nuts, foie gras, and fresh fruit desserts. 

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Sincere : Flavors are of lemon, herb and apple. Full bodied white. Dry with citrus notes and a long finish.

Serving suggestion: shellfish, seafood, goat cheese crostini, spinach salad with dried cranberries and walnuts.

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Chinon: Taste is soft, fruity, pleasing notes of raspberries and spice. Medium body. Serving suggestion is white meat, turkey, hard cheese including swiss and gouda.

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We love a good cheese plate with wine. Don’t miss our post on how to build a cheese plate

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