My Morning Routine

my morning routine everyday parisian

My morning routine has changed a bit since having Henri and being married. I love my morning walks with Henri. It’s where I get my first thoughts of the day out on how I will tackle work and what’s on the daily agenda. I usually plan dinner in the morning, so I know if I need to grab any last-minute ingredients at the market or grocery store.

On the summer weekends, I love visiting the Farmer’s Market. We pick up fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables for the week, including a pastry. Sunday mornings are my favorite. We go for a long coffee walk with Henri and spend time reading the newspaper and having a slower start to the day.

My Morning Routine

Wake up Morning Routine

Now that I am older, I have turned into a morning person. Before I go to bed, I set my alarm for 7 am. I don’t set an alarm on the weekends and wake up naturally. Sometimes I can fall back asleep, but I am usually awake. Having Henri has changed my mornings. Fortunately, he is a late sleeper, and I will have to wake him up in the mornings to get out of bed and walk.

I have been using and loving my Hatch alarm clock to wake up. It slowly transitions the light to wake me up, and I wake up to birds chirping. The alarm has changed how I wake up and my overall morning mood. 

In the summer months, I am much earlier, around 6 am, and use the opportunity to get work done and look for links for Sunday’s posts.

my morning routine everyday parisian

my morning routine with Henri

The first thing I do when I wake up is search for Henri. He used to always sleep on the floor, but he is slowly finding his way to the bed in the middle of the night. I will usually find him lying on my feet. I pull him up next to me for an extra snuggle. 

I read in bed for at least 30 minutes, mostly the news, and I search for articles for links I love.

my morning routine everyday parisian

Get Dressed

I get dressed as soon as I wake up. It helps my chances of making it to a workout class much better. Most mornings, I work out between pilates, yoga, and dance. I will wear leggings, a sports bra, a top, and a sweatshirt in the colder months. You can see more of my favorite activewear here. Henri is very patient while I get dressed because it gives him extra time in bed. Sometimes, he tells me he wants to get moving and will get out of bed and sit patiently, waiting for me to get moving.

I brush my teeth first thing. I love my Sonicare toothbrush.

My Morning Skincare Routine

I love a good skincare routine. I do a quick face wash, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Morning Walks with Henri

This has become one of my favorite times of the day. Henri is very social and loves meeting his dog friends out on walks. He has introduced me to some great people in our neighborhood. I chat with the dog owners while he gets a good play with the dogs. Depending on the timing and the season, we go for long walks and hit a coffee shop or the park.

my morning routine everyday parisian

my morning routine everyday parisian

Morning Coffee Routine

I love my Breville coffee maker. I prep it the night before and have it automatically go off at 6:30 am. It’s so lovely to walk into the kitchen and smell freshly brewed coffee. I usually add almond or oat milk and pop it in my favorite mug.

While the coffee is brewing, I quickly do a clean sweep of the kitchen, putting away any stray dishes and emptying the dishwasher.

My Breakfast Routine

Breakfast is pretty much the same every morning. It rotates depending on the season. Right now, I am very into fresh fruit and cottage cheese. On the weekends, I love toast and eggs with hot sauce. I take my vitamins with breakfast and drink as much water as possible before starting my workday.

My Morning Work Routine

I try to jump into work early. Managing a business in the US and France means I have an inbox to tackle before France closes for the day. I try to get all emails sent off before my workout. Henri is still full of puppy energy; balancing work and being a dog mom is challenging. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

my morning routine everyday parisian

Do you have a morning routine? What is one thing you have to do each morning? 

This post does include affiliate links that help contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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  1. I’ve followed you for several years and wait for each post. Love your dog Henri. And, I love you. God bless you in your every day life, especially your work. ~ Teresa. P. S. I’m 80 & no longer travel so I’ve taken up arm chair adventures. I love your visits to Paris. Are you going to the Olympics in ’24?

    • Thank you, Teresa! I don’t have plans for the Olympics in Paris. I would love to go but the crowds are going to be too much for me. I can’t wait to watch it from home.

  2. Bonjour Rebecca! I have been following you for years, enjoying your posts and beautiful photos of Paris. I especially love the posts about creating a French lifestyle, like the Frenchify series. Those posts reflect the statement in your intro (“I hope that Everyday Parisian inspires you by bringing a bit of France into your daily life”). It seems like there aren’t many of those posts lately, and I really miss them! Instead, there are lots of posts “selling” products, like this one – there is no mention of anything French. While I understand that “selling” posts generate income for you, maybe scatter in a few more about France in your daily life? Merci!!

  3. Greetings from SW Louisiana…. happy Mardi Gras
    Curious about your Zoom exercise class(es)…. any you recommend?
    I go to ballet studio 3x a week for Pilates and adult ballet/ floor barre …. need to get inspired to do some at-home exercise too.
    I look forward to your Sunday email…. thanks for pulling together so many things in 1 place…. reads like you’re curating just for me