Links I Love Week 23

Links I Love Week 23 cover with flowers on a vase

Links I Love Week 23

Shop Afternoon Light in The Paris Apartment

It feels like Summer in Chicago. Peony season is in full bloom and the heat is on. Henri and I had a great meal at a new spot called Robert and Fils in Lincoln Square. It’s a big week coming up, I am filming a video for Beaujolais wine and there Is a sale in The Print Shop.

Where to find the best croissants in Paris right now according to Vogue.

How to be a more positive person with these words. My sister and 7 year old niece shared this article with me.

My Madewell transport tote is finally back in stock. I have it in the camel color and I have owned it for 6 years. I have used it more this year than any other year. It’s perfect for carrying Henri’s things from place to place.

I am always asked how I don’t get my three necklaces tangled together. They tangle and I untangle them often. A reader sent me this GENIUS little addition that can be added to your necklaces to avoid them from being tangled. 

Meet the two new French kinds of cheese invented during the lockdown. A reason to go to France again. I am finding these to try once I return. 

Empty Nesters Adopt 7 Siblings. This is such a sweet story. 

I am currently watching Mere of Easttown on HBO Max. My sister and friend Alexis recommended it. 
Lupin starts back up on June 11. If you missed the first half, you can catch up this weekend.

Supergoop my favorite sunscreen is 20% off this weekend. You can see all my favorites here.

Yes, you can be an outgoing introvert. This explains me

Millennials are entering a decade of despair as they turn 40.

Juneteenth is a day of reflection and celebration

Refresh your bed for Summer with Boll and Branch. Henri approves of the bedding too. They were kind enough to give a discount code of 15% using PARISIAN15 on the site through Bastille Day. 🥳 My whole bed is Boll and Branch and I have been a paying customer for years. Their waffle blanket is my favorite item and I gave my sister and brother-in-law a sheet set for the holidays and they love them.

The Top 10 Cheese Shops in Paris via David Lebovitz 

For sweaty Summer workouts, I love refreshing with this Dry Shampoo from Klorane and it smells so good. 

Four lessons from your anxious brain NYT

The Ritz Paris is reinventing the classic croissant

The Summer of Social Hangovers is Upon Us

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I finally ordered the Birkenstocks after much convincing from so many of you! I can’t wait to wear them all summer long.

A Parisian Hôtel Particulier Revamped Into a Stylish Dream Home

The best spots to picnic in Paris

Paris New Museums and Reopenings to put on your list for your next trip. 

Rick Steves shares how to be a better traveler in Europe. One of my favorites this week! 

United Airlines wants to bring back Supersonic Air Travel Back. This would cut the time in half to Europe. 

The age of reopening anxiety (one of my favorite reads of the week)

Make peony season last all Summer long with these free peony wallpapers

How to escape the happiness guilt trap

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  1. I look forward to your blog!
    You never fail to give us so many things to enjoy!
    Thank you!!
    What really grabbed my attention this week is the recipe for madeleines!!
    This is way simpler than my old tried and true from Cordon Bleu(which , alas, makes a whopping three and a half dozen! Yikes!)
    But! Could you please help me with the measurements??
    I can’t find my metric ones, and when I googled this, it came out in rather amounts.
    Would so appreciate!!
    Thank you!!
    Hugs to you and Henri!

    • Hi Natalia,

      Thank you so much! I am so happy this drew your attention. I use a kitchen scale and measure all of my ingredients. It is a lot easier than converting and the recipe works so well. I made 3 batches over the weekend for friends!

    • Hi Drina, I am sending you lots of love and prayers. ❤️

      Henri and I were sad we missed meeting you too.