Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy June! So, Father’s Day is just around the corner. Also, my dad is funny, smart, and loves simple things. His grandkids and kids are his top priority. Last year, I got him an Artifact’s Uprising calendar to highlight a different photo each month. He loved it and keeps it in the kitchen. This year, I am getting him a dad joke book because we love to tell jokes in our family. Also, it’s a whole family effort who can crack the best jokes. It may be time to upgrade dad’s Nespresso machine too.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

For the dad who loves to cook:

  1. Ice Cream Machine
  2. Staub Oven Start dad off with the best of the best. I have the 4 qt and it is one of my most used pieces in my kitchen.
  3. Peak Sphere Ice Tray 2.0
  4. Le Cruset Signature Square Skillet Grill
  5. Oni Pizza Oven. So, this is the item for Summer. Invite friends over for a weekend pizza night and enjoy this in your backyard.
  6. Cuisinart Airfryer My dad loves his!
  7. Breadmaker If Dutch Oven bread isn’t your thing, this is the perfect solution.
  8. Pasta Maker ransport yourself to Italy with this pasta maker. Add your favorite sauce.
  9. Cocktail Brass Kit  For the Dad who loves to make a good cocktail.
  10. Whisky Glasses You can use these glasses for just about any cocktail. I have had a set for years. Great for entertaining or elevating your cocktail hour at home.
  11. Wine Chiller
  12. Glass Water Bottle ( I love mine) Great for being on the go and cleans well in the dishwasher.
  13. Cast Iron Grill for stovetop. I just ordered one for home. If you don’t have a grill or you get rained out, this is a great option.
  14. Ice Cream Scooper. Ice Cream maker or no ice cream maker, you will need a great scooper.
  15. Grill Set All-Clad. For the dad that loves to grill. This is a great set to upgrade his grilling experience this Summer.

For the dad who has it all:

  1. Artifacts Uprising Calendar  This will most likely be a repeat gift with new photos because it was so loved!
  2. Native City Maps They have so many different cities and color options.
  3. Airpods I can’t live without mine.
  4. 21-Inch Rolling Spinner Suitcase
  5. French Sommelier Wine Subscription I got one of these as a gift at Christmas. They send pairing options with each wine. It’s a great Francophile gift idea.
  6. Ponti Performance Vuori Pants Only the softest pants ever. They come in shorts as well. I have been telling my brother-in-law he needs these for over a year.
  7. Whiskey, Tequila, Bourbon Subscription  This is such a fun gift to try different distilleries.
  8. The art of jazz 
  9. Pizza Stone You can throw this one on the grill. What’s not to love.
  10.  Hammock with Stand For reading and snoozing in the backyard.

For the dad who wants to try something new

  1. Masterclass Subscription This is so much fun! I have a subscription and love it. They are always introducing new instructors. If you have a retired dad that is interested in learning, this would make a great gift.
  2. Wireless charging station for everything  I have this on my desk and it charges everything all at once.
  3. Slippers My grandpa would always have my sister and me wear slippers around the house. I can’t live without mine. After a year at home, it might be time for an upgrade on these.
  4. Jennis Ice Cream Subscription I am also a big fan of Graeters from my hometown Cincinnati. This is a fun gift that lasts a few months.
  5. Kiehl’s Scrub/ Shave Cream My dad’s favorite gift for the holidays. He asks for it every year.
  6. Away Suitcase You can use this code for $20 off your first purchase. 
  7. Feu Des Bois Diptyque Candle This candle smells like a campfire or fire in the fireplace.
  8. Cuyana Dop Kit Perfect for the dad on the go.

Father’s day gift guide for the dad who loves coffee

  1. Coffee Trade Subscription. So, I have been using this for coffee for the last year and a half and love it. It supports small roasters around the US. You take a quiz based on your flavor palate and they recommend roasters based on your preferences.
  2. Travel Bag Cuyana For a weekend away by car or plane.
  3. Coffee Maker 
  4. Bean Grinder To elevate your coffee experience.
  5. Dad joke book My dad and brother-in-law are getting this!
  6. Yeti tumbler I love my Yeti so much. It helps keep coffee cold/hot for hours.
  7. NYT Subscription My dad loves his newspapers including the NYT and WSJ. If they already have subscriptions you can do a magazine.
  8. Taste of Europe Cheese Crate For the cheese lover.
  9. Olive Oil  This is an upgrade to your usual olive oil from the grocery. I love the flavored ones for cooking.

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