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I am back from Italy and survived jet lag and hunger pains. I had a busy week catching up on work and I have some exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned for later this month! I also really want to get the Italy new images up in The Print Shop. A lot of people have been asking if those will be for sale and the quick answer is YES! I just need to edit and comb through all the images for my favorites. Also, I had a request for an Italy calendar this year. I love this idea and that is another big YES! I am working on both the Paris calendar in two sizes and an Italy calendar and they will be available for preorder in September.

Henri finally made it up on my bed! You can see the cutest photo here

The Eiffel Tower finally opens after its longest closure since WWII

France pushes to vaccinate more people as the Delta variant rises. Macron makes it mandatory for healthcare workers. If you want to ride a train or enter a cinema, you will have to show a negative test or proof of vaccination 

French hit Call My Agent may be coming to the US

Dorie Greenspan invites you inside her tiny Parisian kitchen. It is a dream of mine to be invited to Dorie’s for dinner. 

My favorite Boll and Branch blanket is back in stock and there are more colors including the most beautiful blush color. I own it in white and shore color. Henri loves it too! It is the first thing he grabs when he jumps on my bed. You can save 15% off with code REBECCA15. This sells out quickly each and every time they are back in stock for a good reason. 

7 Packing Hacks to Lighten Your Suitcase when traveling 

The headscarf was THE trend I saw in Italy and I call it to be big next Summer here in the US. 

7 Destination in France where the French Go 

This is the Travel Wallet I bring with me when I am on the go from Cuyana. I purchased it a few years ago and it is perfect for a credit card/ID and coins and paper money. I keep everything else in the safe or in my apartment and this is good for walking around. If something did go missing, I would have alternatives back in the apartment/hotel. 

La Baguette: The secret of France’s most addictive food

Klorane launched a Shampoo Bar. If you love eco-friendly products, this is worth a try. It lasts up to 32 washes. This is perfect for travel as you don’t have to worry about liquids in your suitcase. 

Ina Garten gives a tour of her Secret Garden

Dominique Ansel creator of the cronut plans to open a workshop space in NYC on July 16. 

Elle Decor shares where to shop, eat, and stay in Paris.

How to get a refund if you are too sick to fly.

Need to renew your passport? The NYT says good luck! I also learned the hard way that my Global Entry has expired this also includes TSA precheck. I need to look into how to renew ASAP!

If you are looking to shop The Nordstrom Sale, I put together a post of my favorites here.

The Pandemic Shattered the old Rules of Event Etiquette

The French and Francophiles around the world celebrated Bastille Day, what exactly are we celebrating? Here is the history behind the holiday. 

How Walking Can Build Up the Brain (NYT)

In case you missed it. Le Grand Contrôle hotel at the Palace of Versailles This is on my bucket list!

I saw this movie, Fake Famous on the plane ride home from Italy. It was shocking and also a bit relatable. I hate the term influencer and this movie is looking into what it looks like for some people. 

I have wanted these reusable makeup pads for so long. The price is great to give them a try. I hate throwing the cotton pads in the waste can at the end of the day. These are perfect for my toner. 

1939, 1968, and 2020: the three years when the Cannes Film Festival was canceled

Should you also protect your hair from UV rays?

If you want the quick Italy recap, you can see my Italy Top 5 here.

I found this very helpful as I spend more time at my desk 6 Simple Yoga Stretches That Melt Away Muscle Tension

Our Sleep Needs Change a Lot as We Age—Here’s How to Get Proper Sleep in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

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  1. bon jour!

    A friend of mine is killing it with this bike tour company in Paris. I have been taking students to Paris/Versailles for for almost 20 years and since we started booking the Bike About Tours, they consistently rate this as the best experience of the trip!
    Next time you are in Paris you MUST go meet them and ride their tour. Their guides are the best, and you’ll see and learn things about Paris you’ve never experienced. I KNOW you will love it!
    They also have an cafe called le Peloton which serves great fare to it’s patrons. Both businesses have a web presence.

    Their location is 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
    75004 Paris, France

    If you would like to learn more about the cafe:

    Have a great day!
    Tom (a history/humanities teacher from Ohio)

    • Thank you, Rose! Blue and black are a great color combo. Neutral and easy to mix and match.

  2. I had to renew my Global Entry recently and it was a breeze. I was stunned that it came through in less than 2 weeks. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Emily! I hope it is an easy task. Since I let it expire, it may be a bit of a different process. I can’t believe I didn’t think to check it. I was on top of my passport but not Global/TSA! I will keep you posted.

  3. I am always discouraged when I click on an article that you have chosen when it demands a subscription to the publication.