How to Host a Parisian Picnic

woman showing how to host a parisian picnic while holding a glass with wine, flowers and food on the blanket

When I am in Paris, one of my favorite things to do is text friends and have an impromptu picnic on the Seine. Also, it is easy to do with fromageries and boulangeries all around. So, if you can’t make it to Paris this summer or this year, you can always instantly transport yourself to Paris with a Parisian picnic in your back or front yard.

I had the cheese in my fridge from a shoot last week but it isn’t out of character to have a few kinds of cheese on hand. I am on a first-name basis with my cheesemonger at my grocery store.

We have a Farmer’s Market called Green City close by. So, I am there at least once a week so I picked up a few things during my visit. Also, I typically get my berries/fruit from Klug Farm. This week, it was blueberries and raspberries. The woman was sweet enough to show me the apricots which instantly won me over by their color. They are delicious and I am enjoying a few for breakfast while I type.

How to Host a Parisian Picnic

how to host a parisian picnic with a picnic basket, wine, and fruits

Things for Impromptu Picnic

I used everything I had laying around the house and the fridge to create this little impromtu picnic.

The blanket was from my couch (West Elm)

antique silverware provided by Jamie

Dishes from Pottery Barn

Whispering Angel was our rosé of choice.

The picnic basket was a gift from my friend Kat for my birthday

I made the madeleines from La Cuisine Recipe (6 ingredients so easy)

Fresh fruit from Green City Farmers Market

hat, flowers, and cookies with berries for picnic

how to host a parisian picnic with cookies and fruits on plate

sunflower, picnic basket, wine, and blanket

wine, picnic basket, and food for how to host a parisian picnic

Parisian Picnic Food

 In Chicago, I will pick up cheese from Plum Market, Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Pastoral is a great local option.

The chocolate truffles are from a local chocolate company in Chicago called Vosges Chocolate inspired by Place des Vosges. So, my house is filled with their chocolates because they are so good and I also do some work for them so it is one of the job perks.

chocolate, cookies, fruits, and wine

picnic setup with sunflower, fruits and wine for how to host a parisian picnic

how to host a parisian picnic with food and wine

For the bread, we picked it up at the local farmers market from Benninsons. The croissant and the baguette were fabulous. Also, I typically get mine from La Fournette but the farmers market was convenient in the morning when picking up fresh berries.

how to host a parisian picnic with woman holding a wine glass and food on the picnic blanket

Are you a fan of picnics like me? I am already planning one in October for my next trip to Paris. Fingers crossed the weather is still mild enough to sit by the Seine.

This post does include affiliate links that help contribute to my coffee and croissant research fund. Merci!

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  1. Love this guide! Would love to hear pointers from you – we are starting a French Themed DIY Picnic baskets. Let me know if you want to partner in this project!

    Btw I am from the states 🙂

  2. This has me feeling all the whimsical feelings Rebecca! I think I see a few picnics in my future 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I am so happy to hear this! Let me know how the picnic goes. Send me a photo. I would love to see your set up!


  3. Well now I’m inspired! I’m also hoping the weather will be nice in Paris this October, I’ll have to up my picnic game even for a solo version!

    • Hi Jo-ann,

      Thank you! I hope you have amazing weather in October. Solo picnics are so much fun. I had one in Place des Vosges in June. It is great people watching.