French Kitchen Essentials

Today my podcast episode debuts with Dinner for One. We had a conversation about the differences between American kitchens and French kitchens. One of the biggest differences is the amount of space. American kitchens are so much bigger! When you live in Paris, space is limited and the kitchen is typically small. For some Parisians you may not even have a proper oven. I was inspired to write this blog post on the essential French kitchen items you need for cooking.

American kitchens can have multiple pans, knives and bowls but when it comes to a kitchen in Paris you have to choose the essentials. Here is a list of my favorite items that I couldn’t live without in France or the US.

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French Kitchen Essentials

Bowl Set

These Duralex Glass Bowls are the most used item in my kitchen. I use them daily for baking and cooking. There are 10 all together and the different sizes make it so handy to grab one or two when I need them.

Set of Knives

Bread knife for baguettes, dutch oven bread, sour dough.

A classic chef’s knife. I use mine all the time. It was a gift as part of a package from my aunt when I moved.

Paring knife. For when you don’t need a large chef’s knife, this comes in handy for small cooking jobs.

Laguiole Steak Knives are a French staple. You can find them on sale now in the US so don’t pay a high price for these. I have seen them at Homegoods and Nordstrom Rack along with Crate and Barrel. They aren’t hard to find but will instantly update your kitchen to being more French.

Tea towel.

This is a French kitchen staple. I have so many I have collected over the years. There are some cute designs at Sur la Table and POSH Chicago always has a great assortment.

Dutch Oven Le Creuset

I have a Le Creuset Dutch Oven that carried me through the pandemic with baking and cooking. It’s perfect for cooking sauces, meats, and baking bread.

Staub Cast Iron Pot

le creuset dutch oven French Kitchen Essentials

I recently purchased the Staub Cast Iron pot on sale over Christmas and it is one of my favorite pieces I own. Also, I don’t know if I could choose between Staub or the Le Creuset at this point. I do love the way the Staub cooks chicken.

Is there something I am missing that you can’t live without in your kitchen?

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