Gift Guide for the Chef

This past year, I have spent more time in the kitchen more than ever. I have enjoyed baking and cooking and also challenging my skills to create dinners at home. There have been many times I have preferred a meal at home to eating out. These are some of my favorite kitchen tools which make them great gifts for the chef or aspiring baker.

Gift Guide for the Chef

Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven

This was one of my first Le Creuset items and I love it. I used it all of 2020 for everything from pasta, sauces, and bread. This is a great first piece to start your collection.

Rubbermaid Glass Containers

One of my favorite things of 2021. I own so many of these and my fridge is full of three sizes. Putting food/leftovers in these containers brings me so much joy. It helps keep food so much fresher than traditional plastic containers.

Crepe Pan and Mix Set

This is always a hit with kids and adults. The pan and mix make this an easy weekend activity.

Nordic Ware Springform pan

I use mine for my French apple cake and chocolate flourless cake. It is a kitchen essential.

Staub all in one Stack Set

This is on my holiday wish list. I already have one Staub pan and want to expand to more.

French Cheeses

For nights when you don’t want to cook and still want to entertain. My sister always asks for a French cheese board night when I visit.

Silpat for baking.

One of my VIP of this year. I have used it so many times and it cleans in the dishwasher. It reduced the amount of butter and spray you need when cooking. Everything slides right off!

Emily Henry Ruffled Loaf Pan

I purchased this in the navy and it makes me so happy to use. It elevates your traditional breads and cake to the next level.

Baking with Dorie

I purchased this when it first came out and I have given this as a gift to multiple people. Let it inspire your next meal.

Peak Ice Tray for cocktail hour

Le Creuset Tea Kettle

I use this daily for my tea and anytime I need hot water. It is pretty enough to leave out on your stovetop.

Kitchen Scale

I have surrendered to baking with weighing my ingredients and it has been a game changer. This scale is the one I have and has been so helpful in the kitchen.

Laguiole Cheese knives

I own these and you can’t get more French than these. Perfect for creating a cheese board anytime.

Linen Kitchen Apron

For staying clean while baking and cooking. One of these is essential.

French Butter Dish this was one of the first things I bought in my new place last year. I have a glass thin version that has broken. This is a much sturdy option and looks beautiful on the table.

Madeleine Pan

I love making these on a rainy day or to enjoy with tea time.

Duralex Glass Bowls

The most used item in my kitchen. I love these so much and they are dishwasher safe and perfect for baking/cooking.

Olive Oil

One of my favorite gifts to give. My friends make the best olive oil. I keep the original and lemon on hand at all times. It is great for baking and cooking. The lemon I use for salad dressings and marinades. The basil is also delicious!

Nespresso with Frother this is the time to buy a Nespresso if you are in the market. I have owned mine for years and use it in the morning for a quick cup of coffee. Also, I prefer the Virtuoso over the original because they have more flavor options. I have owned both versions.

Bread Knife

I just bought this exact bread knife. I typically get a fresh loaf at the local farmers market and this was essential. So, I upgraded my old knife to this one.

Cookie Scoop

This was a game changer when upgrading my kitchen. I have made a lot of cookies in my day. These come out perfect all the same size.

Duralex Drinking Glasses

Classic French glasses for everything from juice to wine.

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