My Five Favorite Le Creuset Pots

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Over the last six months, I have cooked more than I have in my entire adult life. The kitchen is the most used room in the house. There are always dishes to be done and a meal to cook. I love discovering new recipes and trying something different for dinner. In 2020, I am learning to embrace the idea of leftovers.

I invested in my first Le Creuset pot at the end of last year during a sale and I have continued to add to my collection. My sister has a few in her kitchen and so do my Aunt and Uncle so I knew it was a good investment. Le Creuset stands behind their products and includes warranty information here.

My Aunt and Uncle have a Le Creuset in every color. They LOVE color in their house and this is a fun way to add it to their kitchen. I have decided to stick to the cherry red color of Le Creuset. It is fun to add to the collection over time. Plus, it is a great item to gift.

The one I use the most in the kitchen is the Dutch Oven.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Honestly, if you are going to make a purchase for one Le Creuset piece, this would be my top choice. Don’t go too small. The 5 1/2 quart and the 6 3/4 quart are great for soups, pastas, roast chicken and of course Dutch Oven Bread.

They are on sale at William Sonoma

Le Creuset Tea Kettle

I use my Le Creuset Tea Kettle every single morning to make my French Press coffee. I turn it on first thing when I am in the kitchen and it heats up quickly. Yes, I am sure there are other tea kettles out there, just it always is a constant fixture in the kitchen with it being on the stove all the time so I like it to look good.

Le Creuset Stock Pot

My Le Creuset Stock Pot is great for soups and sauces that need more room to cook/simmer. If I am making meatballs or pasta with a sauce, I will use this pot for the sauce and another pot for the meatballs of pasta. This piece is under $100 on sale and is totally worth it. I use it at least once a week.

Le Creuset Sauce Pot

My Le Creuset sauce pot is a staple in my kitchen and is perfect for pastas, sauces, or heating things up because I really don’t like using a microwave.

On My Wish List

Le Creuset Red Dish Set

Note: if you overheat the food in a Le Creuset it will burn and it looks like a huge mess. I have learned that Baking Soda and boiling water on the stove will fix this while you clean the rest of your dishes. It is a dream solution.

P.S. My favorite Kitchen Items

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    • Hi Sarah,

      You are right! I realized this once I finished. Thanks for reminding me. I have the Le Creuset dishes and I use them daily. I just updated the post.

      I hope to collect another piece soon.

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