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When I moved earlier this Summer, I let a lot of things go and I wanted a fresh start when it came to designing. The aesthetic of the new place was totally different from my old space and some things work and some things didn’t. I wanted to warm the place up with a few rugs. Searching online for rugs, I realized buying a new one wasn’t in my budget. I originally spent $500 on this one from One Kings Lane and ended up not loving the quality of it. I knew that a Turkish rug with the colors and faded look of an older rug was more of what I wanted but prices were closer to $1000 and up.

One of my new neighbors mentioned an eBay store in conversation, which got me looking. I picked out a few things but since they are one of a kind they move quickly and they are gone. You have to look at the colors in all the photos and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I ended up buying one rug through an Etsy seller which was my first purchase. It was a $100 rug runner for the hallway and I felt it was a good test to see the quality and colors without spending too much. Shipping was FREE and it arrived in about a week all the way from Turkey.

Once I felt comfortable with the color and quality, I was willing to spend the time and money to invest in more rugs for the new place.

I settled on this rug for the front room which I call the library. It ended up being great but I didn’t measure well and it didn’t fit the space right. I moved it upstairs to the bedroom and then I had to start the process of looking again.

I finally found this rug, which worked perfectly with the colors already on the wall and the colors in the room. I used a rug pad that I had from a previous purchase which I highly recommend for padding and to reduce slipping.

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Tips for Searching for a Turkish Rug Online

  1. Really look at the colors in the rug from picture to picture. It all depends on light inside and outside. I found some mistakes with identifying navy as purple in the listing and that could have been a costly mistake.

  2. Etsy lets you heart your favorites and look at them side by side. They all start to look alike so this is a really good test to see which one you like best.

  3. Measure your space to see what size the room needs. The rugs aren’t standard size so you are going to have to be willing to budge on something bigger or smaller than you anticipated.

  4. Buy a rug pad to prevent slipping underneath and so the rug will stay in one spot.

  5. Have fun with the process. You may end up with different colors that you planned on. I wasn’t leaning towards red, but it worked out well in the end.

  6. I highly recommend running a vacuum over the rug when you take it out of the package. It is just a good way to keep it clean in your home.

  7. Keep looking until you find the one that you love. They are constantly getting new rugs and changing inventory. Both sellers were very quick to reply with answers to my questions.

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