How to Frenchify Your Kitchen

how to frenchify your kitchen everyday parisian

How to Frenchify Your Kitchen

The one thing I couldn’t live without in my kitchen is tea towels. I have been lucky to have a good collection from friends and family who have given gifts. This is a great french staple and you can bring them home easily.

Set of Laguiole Knives I have a set of these in my kitchen and you will often find these out at French restaurants.

Duralex Glasses They come in a variety of sizes. You can use them for water, wine, or juice. I also use the Duralex bowls on a daily basis. The small ones I have multiples of and find so many uses for them. They really help with cooking and baking and measuring ingredients.

Duralex Stackable Bowls. I own these and use them daily for cooking. They are one of the most used things in my kitchen.

Every Paris apartment I have stayed in has a hot water warmer such as a tea kettle and a Nespresso machine. I have a Le Creuset tea kettle on my stove for making French press coffee and I love it every morning.

Silpat Silicone Baking Mat This is also something that I use almost daily in the kitchen. It is a great substitution for parchment paper. I clean it and reuse it and I don’t need any additional spray or butter.

A good bread knife is essential for baguettes and loaves of bread.

Mariage Frères tea. Tea Time is a pleasure in France and Mariage Frères is one of the best and most classic.

how to frenchify your kitchen everyday parisian

French Wisk

Maille Mustard, This is great to make French vinaigrette. It is a French staple

Herbs de Provence A signature seasoning from the South of France. It can be used on meats, poultry, and eggs.

Kitchen Scale This is a recent kitchen addition and it has been so helpful with cooking and portion control. It is so easy to use and affordable. When you are using different measurements, it is easy to convert recipes to grams.

French Butter Keeper Let’s be honest, life is better with butter. My favorite is Bordier butter which is hard to find in the US unless you are in NYC. You can try President butter which is available at most grocery stores and also the French butter at Trader Joe’s is fabulous and what I keep at home.

Madeleine Pan, These are simple to make and delicious fresh out of the oven.

French Rolling Pin

Quiche Dish

Savon de Marseille This French soap is a great addition to the kitchen. I currently have the fig scent in my kitchen and it smells so fresh and clean. Savon de Marseille

Piment d’Espellette (only spice made in France)

Paris Market Prints from The Print Shop

Fresh Flowers are such a mood booster. Trader Joes has really affordable roses if you have the opportunity to get to a grocery store. I love pink roses or pink peonies if they are in season.

how to frenchify your kitchen everyday parisian

P.S. For more French finds, check out How to Stock a French Pantry also French Finds at Trader Joes

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  1. Hello, on July 7 you posted a story about French stores and there was in NYC that you linked. I can’t seem to find it. Would you mind sharing it again?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Is it the bistro set from the email? I can send you the information via email if you wish. Just let me know. The photo is from my home.

  2. Just read this post and laughed. I have all the items minus your prints and the French spice. One of my favourite things to do is to pull out my French things and make a vignette. Stay strong.

    • Thank you, Maryanne! I hope you pull out your French things and get to cooking. Lots of love to you.

  3. I have so many! But my favorite are my Sucre, Farine, Pâtes and Thé canisters that I got at Le Puces market about 15 years ago. I grew up in Paris and my mom had a similar set. SO they not only remind me of Paris, they remind me of my mom :).

    • Sabina,

      That is a really cute idea! I will see if I can find some online to add to the list. Thank you for the suggestion. I love that they remind you of your mom 🙂