Henri and Me Week 1

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

Henri is settling in nice at home and his toys are everywhere! He seems to enjoy shoes and the cardboard from paper towels the best. He is starting to sleep through the night. Yes!! We have a bedtime routine we are getting into and I think that helps.

He still hasn’t adjusted to the new big bed I got him, he prefers to snuggle in the too-small puppy bed. He loves laying by the door most of the day.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

He loves the snow and we have had a good amount in his first week. I took him out in the back to go to the bathroom and he found a basketball and he started running around with it. It was the funniest thing! I posted the video on Instagram if you want to see it here.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

A very funny Henri story, I pulled him into bed the other night. I swore he wasn’t going to get on the bed until much later but he was all sleepy and cute and I really wanted to cuddle while reading my book. He stirred around a bit found a spot and looked at me. He then got up and started crying and just peed the all-white bed! This was at 9:30 at night so then I had to strip the bed and wash and dry everything. Sorry Henri, but we need to get control of our bladder before you can cuddle on the bed. 😂

Henri recently discovered the toilet paper in the bathroom and he pushed the whole roll off with his nose. The look on his face was hilarious and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. I need to watch him so he doesn’t think this is a toy. He needs to be watched pretty carefully. When he is quiet or I can’t find him, he is usually doing something he shouldn’t. Just like a kid.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

We are still working on potty training but he is doing really well. I just got him a bell for by the door. He goes on command if I get him out in a timely matter. He has mastered sit, treat, and paw! Also, he is working his way up and down the stairs. He moves quite quickly now. I feel like he is growing up so fast. He may only be 8lbs but I like him this tiny. Perfect for snuggling.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

Henri and I thank you for all the puppy love. ❤️

Some questions I am getting about Henri are probably good to answer here.

How big will Henri get?

Henri’s mom was 50lbs and his dad was 20 lbs. Yes, you can laugh about that one! I am hoping he is around 35 lbs but I don’t know for sure. I will ask the vet his prediction after his check-up.

Feeding Henri

I have had a lot of suggestions for table scraps and people snacks for Henri. I have kept the food he was suggested to eat from the breeder and the same treats. Bernedoodles have very sensitive stomachs and he is still a small puppy. I will wait for the all-clear from the vet on what is best for Henri.

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  1. Oh Henri is soooooooo handsome and adorable. Your one lucky lady to have him. I had the same problem with Payton one time on my all pink bed and in the middle of the night I felt a wet spot and sure enough he did pee the bed. So I found this on Amazon from my sister …..*Belly Bands* for dogs, they are diapers that you wrap around him and they have Velcro to hold them together. There is all types on Amazon so the choice is pretty good. Hope that helps as now Payton uses them only at late night after his last potty walk.

  2. Sooooooooooooooo precious! Henri/Bubba is too cute! Thank God for Henri that he’s so cute with peeing on your bed and all.

    My dog’s name is Ivy but I call her LaLa. She goes by both 🙂

    • Thank you, Dana! He is adorable and makes my life so much happier even with his mischievous puppy habits. I think he has cabin fever with all this cold weather and he has really been CRAZY this week.

      What kind of dog is Ivy? Henri sends his love.

      • It’s so fun! I remember Ivy started acting crazy when quarantine began. She was like “What the hell is going on? You’re here! I’ll just go nuts now!”

        Cabin fever is real with dogs too! They spin off our energy. Ivy reacts when my breathing changes. She’s a Jack Russell so it is always an adventure.

        Henri is sooooooo adorable!

  3. Henri is adorable! I can see why there’s cuddling in bed…how could you not?
    There is a French Bulldog, Otis, who stops by my work to visit me. I have such a "canine crush" on this little man. Probably the only thing that’s stopping me from kidnapping him is my resident cat, Angel, wouldn’t approve!

    • Thank you, Denise! He is so sweet and just what I needed after 2020! He provides endless entertainment and so much love.

      Otis is such a fun name! French Bulldogs are so cute! I am sure Angel has a good thing going at home ❤️

    • Hi Victoria,

      I call him Henri but say it in English. His breeder started calling him that as soon as I named him and it would have been too confusing to explain the French way vs American. He is a little stinker getting into trouble but oh so cute.

  4. Rebecca I loved all the photos of henri he’s perfect and gorgeous !!! I knew he would make it in the bed !! They all do they love us unconditionally and depend on us so how can we not spoil them with letting them cuddle up to their favorite human xoxo kisses n hugs to you both xo 😘

    • Thank you! It definitely will make the bed eventually when he is old enough. I can’t imagine him not sleeping with me at least for naps. He has been such a mood booster these few weeks. Life is better with him! I will make sure to give him kisses from you.

    • That’s cute! I keep calling him Bubba. I don’t think he knows his name I call him so many different things. 😂