How I Meal Prep for the Week

how i meal prep for the week everyday parisian

Life sure has changed in a year. I used to go to the grocery almost daily and buy what I needed for a day or two. I was always traveling, I hated leftovers and I never used my freezer.

The Pandemic has caused a reset as I am home 90% of the time. I don’t eat out at restaurants and I have limited take out at home. Sushi is the one exception because I don’t make it myself.

Make a Plan

I search online for different recipes for inspiration. I love What’s Gaby Cooking and Half Baked Harvest. They have weekly meal plans they send out which helps stir ideas. I have a few staples that I make weekly and then I like to add something new to the mix. Sometimes they are hits and others are misses but it keeps it fresh.

Shop Early

Once I have a plan on what I will eat for the week, I make a list and head to the grocery early. I aim to get to Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s around 8 am. If I go early, there are a lot fewer people and it is easier to get in and out. I have a local grocery Plum Market where I love to shop and it is pretty quiet. I can stop by on a Thursday afternoon and have it to myself.

how I meal prep for the week everyday parisian

When it comes to grocery shopping, I always make sure to have a lot of healthy produce, stuff for salads, lemons and limes are a must, and chicken.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a simple staple to make ahead. I marinate mine in a mixture of basil, olive oil, and lemon juice/zest. I can have it for dinner, add it to quesadillas (which have become a quarantine staple) and top salads.



This is the easiest staple to have premade in the fridge. I use my spaghetti sauce on pasta when I make meatballs and flatbread pizza which is a weekly thing. I share my recipe here. A jar of sauce at the store can run around $6/7 and I can make three jars for around $12. No sugar or salt added.

how i meal prep for the week everyday parisian

Chicken Broth

My mom says that you should always have chicken soup in the fridge. Now that I am older and you never know when you might get sick, I agree. This is my mom’s chicken soup recipe. You can take the chicken and separate it out in the fridge and freeze the broth. I use it as a base for so many soups and it is great to have homemade vs buying it.

Crispy Potatoes

I have been making these crispy potatoes for a while now. I recently tried out the sweet potato ones and they are delicious and so addicting. You can see my recipe here. They are so simple and I can make them ahead of time and warm them up in the oven quickly.



I try to chop up vegetables and salad ingredients ahead of time and put them in these Rubbermaid containers. It makes it so easy to grab carrots and hummus or fruit and yogurt as a snack. Hard-boiled eggs are great to have in the fridge to top salads. Speaking of snacks, I love popcorn at night.





I typically pop popcorn on the stovetop with a little bit of macadamia oil. I recently purchased this popcorn machine to make popcorn without oil. I can pop a bunch and put it aside for snacks throughout the week. I love truffle salt on top.


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  1. Love this. I just read a meme today that said ‘creating routines that require little to no decision making is a daily act of self-compassion’. For me that’s true of meal prep. It takes the stress out of cooking and deciding what to make. I also do the same and go to TJ’s early on a Monday morning before the crowds. If I miss that, my whole week feels off! I love chicken too, and usually include some breaded chicken, some kind of Asian chicken story fry, and some sort of chicken in sauce meal. I like to have a chill, spaghetti or something else with ground beef, and then finally a pasta with sausage. I rotate different things and I try out loads of recipes from Salt and Lavender, and Half Baked Harvest. If they are easy, and the family love them, they get added to the rotation. My husband has a smoker so he takes care of the weekend meals usually and then we’ll get pizza at least once a week for a break. We usually have chopped up fruit and yoghurt and make smoothies for the family most mornings and then the kids like to bake cookies and cinnamon rolls (from the fridge pack – so easy).
    One of my favorite leftover meals is to take leftover chicken and make a ‘mexican bowl’ where everyone can mix in their favorite ingredients. Just add BBQ sauce! In the summer I do a lot of grilling and fresh salads. Local watermelon, tomatoes & corn taste so good in the summer. No, not so much! I also buy bread or bagels at the local bakery. I just don’t find TJ’s bread to be very good! Our local WholeFoods carries Balthazar’s bread which is delish!

    • Hi Cathy! your ‘Mexican bowl’ sounds delicious! I usually do that with chicken and make tacos in the summer with corn, guacamole, and salsa. It is so good! It sounds like you are a food prep expert. Thank you for sharing your tips with me and the other readers 🙂

      P.S. I am happy you have a good bread resource. I agree with you on TJ’s they have some great products but lack in other departments.

  2. Love this and funny thing, we have some of the same meal prep stuff in our house. I try to get some meat protein staples BBQed for my son and husband done on weekends (I’m vegetarian) and always have washed and prepped salad greens in a container layered with paper towels to keep them fresh longer. I laughed with your chicken broth comments since I have 2 pints from making stock last week in the fridge ready for a soup for the omnis in the house. And I have a air popper which I use almost every day for snacking. Thanks for letting us peek into your kitchen.

    • We are food prep twins it sounds like! Doesn’t it make life so much easier? It is a lot of work on the weekends, but the days are better with well-prepared meals 🙂 What type of soup do you make with your broth?