Meet HENRI! I have been waiting almost a month to introduce you to him and his arrival was top secret. I picked him on Friday in Indiana and it didn’t feel real until he was in my arms. He kissed me first thing and it was pretty much love at first sight.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

I have wanted a dog for so long but my previous place didn’t allow dogs. After I moved last year, it became a possibility.

I grew up with a dog when I was about 10 we got a German Shorthaired Pointer and she was around well until my college years. She got me through my parent’s divorce and so much more. My mom got a puppy when I was in college and we had two German Shorthaired Pointers for a few years. It wasn’t the same since I didn’t live at home.

I met Henri’s breeder through Facebook and was given a choice between three different boy dogs. I already had the name picked out so I knew it would be a boy. Henri had white markings on his front and back paws which made him stand out to me.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

Henri is 8 weeks old and is 7 pounds of fluff and love. He is a Bernedoodle.

We have stuck at home mostly but so far we have had a few firsts and a lot of fun. He loves to Netflix and chill with me on the floor. I haven’t allowed him to get on the furniture yet.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

First Bath

He came home smelling like his brothers and sisters and he sat on me the whole ride home. It was time to give him a bath! He hated it and I laughed the whole time.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

First Walk

Our first walk didn’t last long and I ended up carrying him to the corner and back again.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

This Patagonia was a holiday gift and so needed on the cold days of Chicago. I know I will wear and own it for the next 5 years or so. Right now I am taking Henri out in the middle of the night and it is easy and warm to put this on as I run out the door. Plus, these Uggs I bought to give me life on a snowy day and keep my toes warm.

First Snow

Henri’s first snow happened Saturday morning. I took him out at 6:30 am and there was a blanket of snow on the ground. He played in it and loved jumping around in the snow.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

First Night at Home

I am crate training Henri mostly for sleeping and when I am eating so he doesn’t beg at my feet. Since he is a little one, he is hard to keep track of and he moves quickly! His breeder gave me a blanket with the mom’s scent on it and I added a stuffed puppy. He went down pretty well the first night once the lights and TV went off.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

I have had a few orders into Target and for dog supplies before his arrival. His bed is too small but his crate is a good size for him with a puppy divider. I just ordered him a monogrammed larger puppy bed for him to grow into. He loves this little lamb which my nephew has his own version of. Bobby and Emma were very excited to meet Henri over Facetime. It provided a good source of entertainment this weekend for the whole family. My mom and sister both have dogs and they have been helping with questions and advice.

I can’t wait for you to join me on the adventures of Henri and me. This is exactly what I needed. In the few short days, he has provided so much love and cuddles something I was missing and needed after a tough 2020.

Please feel free to lay on ALL the puppy advice. Potty training tips would be GREAT! I would also love to know small businesses and companies to support that have dog supplies.

I did sign up for Masterclass for a dog training class.

This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items included in the post at no cost to you. Merci!

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

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  1. We’ve had two goldendoodles, doodles are the best. Be super careful until at least two weeks after Henri gets ALL his shots. I have a friend who took her Great Dane puppy to a dog park too soon, the pup got Parvo and died even though she was vaccinated. Try to walk where other dogs don’t go, not easy in a city. Don’t neuter until about 12-18 months, dogs need those hormones for proper growth. Get super-chewer toys, I saw a photo of a kong which are best. From what you’ve posted more recently I would guess Henri is going to be closer to 40 pounds fully grown. Both of our doodles (one male, one female) kept growing until they were age two.

    • Dianne,

      He can’t keep growing!! I love him little! He is just the sweetest puppy. I will take your advice about waiting until after his shots. He does walk around the block with me now to get puppy energy out. The vet-approved this walk just not too far and we don’t go to any parks.
      He loves to run and I hate it but seeing him so happy makes me run a bit with him.
      I really appreciate you sending me this! Thank you!

      Keep in touch xo

  2. Henry – a cutie! Luv the snow on him – he may be unsure being he is such a puppy yet. Keep warm and keep safe! Puppy advice? I had a Tibetan Spaniel – very stubborn breed – took two years to train him. But I got to say – he can/did hold it* for hours and hours – we would get home late feeling so guilty and rushed him outside asap. After the crating, if I went out for a FEW hrs. – I would leash him securely*** to a doorknob – short leash but long enough for him to lay down comfortably; this way he would hold it or if not – at least not all over the house. ‘Fed him light’ at about 11am. Only piece of toast w/butter when I had my morning coffee. This said – one learns to time their pooh-habits. Ps. He lived 18yrs and we miss him still. Oh, and important – give him natural foods at times – small amounts of boiled rice mixed boiled chicken, boiled beef etc. At Thanksgiving – turkey and bit of gravy/potato – and he will love you forever. 😉

    • Thank you so much, Patricia! He is loving the snow and being out in nature. I am waiting for the vet appointment next week to see if he gets an all-clear for people food. Bernedoodles have sensitive stomachs 🐶

  3. How exciting Rebecca!! Congratulations….he is such a cutie! I grew up with dogs but live in an apartment and have a cat. Having a pet adds alot of love to your life especially if you live alone and during a pandemic. I couldn’t have managed without the unconditional love that my kitty provides. The same thing will be true for you and Henri. Enjoy his puppyhood and all the "firsts." Thanks for sharing your good news and here’s to more posts on Henri!!

  4. What a little gem! We have an 11 month Bernedoodle named Ruby and she is such a good pup. It’s a great breed and he will bring you endless joy!

  5. LOVE!!!!!! How cute is Henri?!!!!! Congratulations! You will have the best life with Henri. I have had my Jack Russell Terrier, Ivy Bees, for 10 years and she is my joy.

    • Thank you, Dana! I am in love! He is the perfect cuddle bug right now. I hope he is around for at least 10 years right by my side. Dogs are the best!

  6. Bonjour Henri!!! He is absolutely adorable! Crate training is a great idea and helped so much when I was training my cockapoo Beaux. Only advice I have is to love him and have lots of fun with your new fur baby!

    • Thank you, Anissia! I love him so much and we are already great friends. He has made me so happy in just a short amount of time ❤️

  7. Congratulations Rebecca .. Henri is adorable. I too added a fur baby to the family on December 8th
    I will post a photo on your Facebook page.

    Puppy Advice: Listen to your Breeder, ask them for advice regarding vaccinations, neutering etc.
    6 months is way too young to neuter.

    You will have many years of pure joy

    xx Fidelma

  8. SO.CUTE.
    Puppy advice (I’ve learned the hard way in some cases and wished I hadn’t had to):
    1. Buy some kind of stroller or bag for the puppy, since he shouldn’t be walking outside until he is vaccinated. Dogs pick up diseases through their paws.
    2. Don’t skip those regular vet appointments when they’re little. They require regular vaccinations and deworming for the first few months.
    3. Neuter the dog at 6 months. Don’t agonize over it. It’s better for them and for you, unless you want to become a breeder.
    4. Ugggh potty training! Dogs do better with a firm set of rules and a routine. If they have multiple places to go to the bathroom (like pee pads and outside), it gets really confusing for them. Make going out a regular thing, like every three hours, until they get the message (and he will pretty quickly as long as you’re consistent). If he really needs to go, you’ll notice him getting frantic and pacing and sniffing, so observation is important.
    5. Have a space for him where he can just be a dog and you can walk away for a bit when you need to work (or sleep!) or run an errand. The crate is a great idea, but maybe also get some fencing for an indoor pen so that he can have a place with his toys and water bowl (with a large, washable pad on the floor in case of accidents) and he can run around while you can’t supervise him. It takes a while for dogs to be “trustworthy” in the house, what with the need to potty train and get through the chewing phase. It will set him up for success. All he wants in life is to please you, but he’s got these puppy instincts. He’s not trying to be bad by having a pee inside or chewing on something he shouldn’t. He’s just a dog, and he will love you and be more loyal to you than any human; just don’t lose it with him. A firm “no” works wonders, and giving him a special space will help both of you keep your sanity.
    6. Groom that doodle! Doodles need to be groomed regularly (like ever 4-6 weeks) unfortunately, and you should probably start brushing him ASAP so he gets used to it. My dog had to be shaved due to mats when the groomer closed during the pandemic for a couple months. Even my regular brushing couldn’t save her floof. 🙁
    7. Socialize the dog. This doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, since we’re socialized at school and work. We don’t think that dogs need exposure to, to all kinds of dogs and people. It’s hard during a pandemic, but dogs have a small window of time that they can be socialized, so try to I introduce him to different kinds of people, kids, and look into a puppy class or puppy play dates where he can socialize with dogs of different sizes and breeds (but who have had the same vaccinations as him!). It’s better to have him socialize in an environment where a trainer is supervising, so they can monitor any aggression. Dog parks are for later, like after he’s neutered! Big dogs who haven’t been socialized can do great harm to puppies, and not everyone at the dog park has trained and socialized their dog. Better to start off in a controlled environment where all owners, pups, and staff are in the same page.

    Hope this helps!

  9. What a sweet, sweet face! Is his name pronounced the french way?

    One of the best things I did when my dog was a puppy was to "play" with her food when she was eating. I would put my fingers in the bowl, take a few pieces of kibble out, etc. every time i fed her. I’m convinced it made her not overprotective of her food around feeding times, which was especially important if friends bought their dogs over, when she was around little kids, etc. I didn’t want her growling or snapping if anyone got too close to her food. Maybe it also translated into her being well behaved with treats? Everyone also always commented she took her treats so gingerly and gently, instead of snapping them out of your hands.

  10. Henri is absolutely lovely! and I know you’ll have lots of happy times with him. You’re doing all the right things so he’s lucky to come to live with you. In a short while when he’s had his injections it is very important to socialise him with other people and dogs. This will ensure that he had an amicable temperament. Happy days ahead…

  11. So exciting! Henri is adorable. He reminds me a bit of my labradoodle Seamus. I know Henri will bring you so much joy. What a love bug!

  12. What is more joyful than a puppy?! Enjoy 🙂 we loved our two German Shepherd boys so very much. They’ve been gone a few years now but I can still recall each others separate scents if I close my eyes and conjure them up. So happy for you!

  13. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you! Henri is adorable. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Vas-tu lui apprendre les commandes en français?

  14. Aww Henri is adorable! Congrats on your new furry family member, he will be an amazing companion for years. 🙂

  15. Congrats! We also got a pandemic pup and it has changed my life! He came pee-pad trained so that helped us not have to run outside in the middle of the night the first few weeks. We also live in Chicago and in an apartment so running outside multiple times per night was not ideal. It’s important to set up a routine as soon as you can. I started taking mine out every 3 hours during the day so he would get used to going outside and knowing the signs. He’ll be teething for the first couple of months, so lots of chewy toys and treats are a must! Lots of options for toys are a must to keep him busy and not bothering you all the time 🙂

    For cute accessories, we like- Chicago Dog Co ( and for a local store (Lake View neighborhood) we enjoy Bark by the Park (

  16. OMG! What a gorgeous boy! Congratulations! We are also getting a puppy next Friday! Same colors…we are getting a mini Australian Shepherd. What fun you’ll have and a love to last a lifetime ❤️

  17. Congrats! Henri is so cute!!! I have a 6 month old Pomeranian named Stella. I’m happy to give you any advice that you need as well as a good vet and groomer. Most important … be patient. xx

    • Thank you! I would love to know a good groomer 🙂 He has his first vet appointment at Blum in a few weeks. They have sensitive stomachs and another dog of the same breed recommended that Blum was helpful. He will need his first haircut in a few months.

  18. Oh, I’m so excited for you!! Being a dog mom is literally the best. I swear, I prefer dogs to most people. 🙂 We actually lost our 14 year old miniature schnauzer last month and while we would love to get another "son" we’re just not ready. So I am really looking forward to seeing all of your adventures with Henri. He’s such a cutie pie. Congrats!

  19. He is SO adorable!!! Congratulations. We got a puppy last year and he added so much happiness and laughter during lockdown! Henri is a lucky pup! If you are looking for advice, I can recommend washable pee pads. Pet Parent sells them on Amazon. Much more economical and better for the environment than disposable. They’re great for training and we still use them when it’s too cold or snowy for a walk. Enjoy those puppy cuddles!

  20. Rebecca congratulations he is beautiful! I am a dog lover and have a French bulldog name Chance and he brings nothing but love to my life. Dogs absolutely enhance our lives! Enjoy!

  21. Rebecca, I am so sorry that I forgot to mention Henri! I have a golden doodle which is 3 yrs. old but I would love to have a Berniedoodle!Henri is so beautiful and has a darling face! Where did you find a breeder? Enjoy that baby! I know the first few weeks are hard but it gets easier! Promise! 😊

  22. I just love your blog! I can’t wait to read your ideas, where to buy stylish items and providing us Francophiles with anything French! You are so sweet! I am from the southern. Tip of Illinois near the SIU university. I love Chicago but I would rather travel to Paris, Provence, Normandy! I am a faithful subscriber and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Merci!

  23. Rebecca, I sent you an email, but maybe this is better. I live in Bucktown and I am looking for a breeder of Mini berns near here. Could you let me know where the little guy came from?
    I would love to contact the breeder.
    Thanks so much,
    Patti Mackin

    • Hi Patti,

      I emailed you back 🙂 He has one brother left that needs a home. I hope you can bring him to Chicago so Henri has a sibling to play with.

      Let me know if you didn’t get the email.


  24. He is adorable! I have a Maltese/unknown mix that is a rescue. He adds so much to my life. It takes a bit of planning and adjustment, and the nighttime bathroom breaks can be a bit brutal when they are young, but it is so worth it. I don’t know if you have heard of Stella & Chewy freeze dried beef dog bits, but I give them to my dog as treats, as they are so good for him. They are actually a food supplement, but I use them as treats, Best of luck with your new love!

  25. Henri is sooo cute!!
    I can tell he fell in love with, maybe even faster than your love at first sight.
    He should love Teddy bears but be warned that the bears will be short lived. Playing "shake the bear" and "fetch the bear" he will really like, my Adi’s bears lasted about three months each. When a seam comes open the stuffing will go flying.
    My favorite bear source was Walmart, the 10-12 inch size.
    Adi and I were buddies, we were also a registered Pet
    Therapy Team.
    Here is an "Adi" search link to my blog. My YouTube postings of her will show some Bear Play.

  26. Three years ago we brought home our Sproodle (Springer spaniel/poodle) puppy – Zoey – and it was the best decision we have ever made. She is the sweetest girl and has been a life saver throughout this pandemic. We love her so much.

    The first puppy days were challenging, but through consistent training and a lot of patience, she is now a well behaved girl. You and Henri will have so much fun together. So happy for you. He is absolutely the most adorable ball of fluff!

  27. Congrats! He is so cute, we just got a puppy too! he is 11 weeks , Oliver
    they are busy, were tired , but they are a lot of fun! we have a bell on the door we are trying to teach him to ring , trying haha, you can kind of tell when they have to go out , they start wandering… get lots of toys of all varieties, hard , soft , medium, nylabone products are great, cause the biting is non stop!, we have that snuggle puppy too, he loves playing with it, we got a stroller for ours, he doesn’t walk very far either ,Best of Luck , can’t war for all the updates

  28. Bienvenue, Henri! He’s quite a handsome little fella and that name is perfect! <3 I have a deposit on a Bernese Mountain Dog and I can hardly wait – although soon-to-be mother isn’t even bred yet! Puppies are just the best and I have never in my life been without at least one dog. Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds have always been my favorites, but I’ve wanted a BMD for MANY years, but haven’t strayed from my 2 favorites. We just lost our golden last August, so it is time to try a BMD!

    Enjoy Henri, as I know you will! So glad that you’re investing in him (and ultimately YOU) by taking him to puppy classes and crate training him. It’s definitely best for both of you. <3

  29. Omg Henri is beyond adorable!!! His name surely suits him :)) enjoy him! So happy for you that you now have him and you’ll never be alone anymore! The pics are lovely too.

  30. Congratulations Rebecca on henri he’s so beautiful and I can tell his going for in quite nicely with you pretty soon he’ll be sharing the bed with you !!!! They really do complete our lives and the love they give is like no other kind it’s a love unconditionally enjoy that sweet boy he’s a lucky little guy to have you as his doggie 🐶 mom enjoy life you two !!! Congratulations

  31. Congratulations! He’s a cutie! I finally gave in and got a puppy in October. I would talk about wanting a dog all the time, but my work and lifestyle didn’t really mesh with taking care of a dog. Being at home solo for so long….I completely understand how you’ve been feeling too! I adopted my pup, Remy, in October and he was about 5 months old at that time. He’s been really great (though, admittedly, a LOT of work!). We did some training too, but I just started the Masterclass course last week 🙂 It’s amazing how many pictures I take of a sleeping dog…but he’s soooo cute. Enjoy all the fun and challenges that come with a puppy – it will be so much fun!

  32. Congratulations! Our Wheaten Terrier, Louie, is 10 years old now and has been a great source of joy especially in the last year. I’m glad you are crate training- I think it makes things easier in the long run and will be important when life gets back to normal. Take him out on a regular schedule. Even at 10 years old, Louie has to go outside right after eating because we did that when he was a puppy. Also, a tired dog is a happy dog owner. Wear him out on walks and playtime so he doesn’t get destructive out of boredom. Can’t wait to see Henri more!

  33. Ahh! He’s so cute! Puppy kisses are the best. I’m so glad you were able to get him because having someone around during this time is definitely needed! Can’t wait to see more of your adventures with him!

  34. Congratulations, he is adorable. It’s been a long time since our dog was a puppy but here’s my advice: Sleep in clothing you can take him out in, for those urgent middle of the night trips outside…and don’t worry, those don’t last forever. If possible, find a vet within walking distance from your place. Also, a tired dog is a good dog, so give him tons of exercise…possibly more than you initially thought. Try to get on a schedule where he goes outside on a regular basis, at the same time…I think it was something like every 2 hours during the day for us at first….after he eats, after he drinks, after he plays. After he has all his nec vaccines, puppy playtime is a great option to wear him out a few days a week and give you a few hours to get work done! Many of them have pickup services. We love Urban Pooch (either location) for daycare, boarding, and retail; we’re also big fans of Bow Wow Lounge (both of those on north side) and Zen Dogs in west loop. Enjoy!