Supergoop Sunscreen

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I have been a fan of Supergoop sunscreen for years. It started off with the everyday sunscreen and then I added it to my collection. What I love about Supergoop is that it is a CLEAN brand with no added chemicals. Also, I have used so many sunscreens in the past which felt like a gross layer on my skin not to mention sunscreen in my eyes when I sweat or jumped in the pool and stinging for hours. I haven’t had any issues with Supergoop and it absorbs well into my skin.

You can learn more about Supergoop and its mission here. Also, it is female-owned. I listened to this podcast on How I Built This which helped me love the brand even more.

Supergoop Sunscreen

hand holding Supergoop Sunscreen glow screen

Glow Screen

My daily skincare routine always includes the last step of Glow Screen. It is tinted and has SPF 40 in it. Since I am on walks with the dog, it is always good to be protected even for short amounts of time.

hand holding bright eyed Supergoop Sunscreen

Bright-Eyed 40 SPF

The bright-eyed 40 SPF has mixed reviews from friends. It is tinted and goes around the eye. Since this is an area that shows sun damage first, I like to have extra protection here. I am not sure why it took so long to have SPF for the specific eye area. The mixed reviews from friends say that it tends to pill a bit. I think it has to do with your eye cream and lotions so be warned. I have liked it and would purchase it again.

glow stick sunscreen with spf 50

Glow Stick

When I am in the sun for longer than a few minutes, I love the Glow Stick. A friend of mine from dance class first showed it to me and I immediately ordered it. It is easy to toss it into your bag for reapplication and gives you a healthy glow with the protection of 50 SPF. I worried that it may feel greasy with the glow, but I never had a problem. This may be my favorite out of the bunch.

Just a friendly reminder to wash your face at night after using sunscreen so you don’t have any clogged pores or blemishes.

P.S. Supergoop currently 20% off through June 8 which makes it a perfect time to stock up in time for summer vacation, beach and pool days.

This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission at no cost to you. This contributes to my coffee and croissant research. This is note a sponsored post. I have been a paying customer of Supergoop for years and I support a healthy skincare routine with sunscreen.

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