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summer skincare favorites

When it comes to makeup I take the minimalist approach. For me, it is all about skincare and having a natural look. I have been using Sisley Skincare for a year now and I notice a huge difference. If Sisley isn’t in your budget I am offering another option of my favorites which most likely is Cadualié. If you haven’t tried either of these brands I highly recommend them both! Below I am taking you into my Cuyana Makeup Bag for a look at what I have been loving this Summer. 

french summer skincare


I start with the Sisley milk cleanser because my skin is dry but you can certainly do a water based cleanser. This one by BioDerma is perfect for the Summer.  They have the Bioderma wipes too which I throw in my travel bag. 

Budget Option: Caudalié Gentle Cleansing Milk $28


I have been using the Sisley Toner which I love and it smells so good. I hadn’t been using toner for years but was told that it helps my products soak in better so I have been using it ever since. 

Budget:  Caudalié Moisturizing Toner $28


Sunscreen is always part of the routine and I have a few favorites for different uses. I have been using the Sisley tinted Sunscreen this Summer and it has been fabulous. I have the #1 shade which I could probably go to the next level but this works for now. Since it is tinted I don’t have to worry about the foundation and it has Zinc which is huge for keeping my skin protected. Other favorites for sunscreen include this sunscreen from La Roche Posay. It was recommended by a few readers. For all over body, I have been using this Supergoop which goes on so nicely and isn’t greasy at all. 


I have been loving the new Sisley Rose cream which is light for Summer and goes on smoothly. For weekends I love the Double Tenseur for an instant lift and a little plumping on the weekends. This gives you a real glowy dew. 

Budget: Caudalié Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet $39


If I had to pick one product to wear it would be the Sisley Mascara. I literally call this the pilates of mascara because it grabs every single lash you didn’t even know it existed and makes your eyes look dreamy. TRUST ME! 

Budget: Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara $24

For Blush the Phyto Blush twist in Fuchsia and the Sisley bronzer gives me a sun kissed look without the sun damage. 


I am a big fan of the red lip these days and I keep a lip twist in my bag at all times. I love number 13 of the lips twists or L33 in the hydrating long lasting lipstick. For keeping hydrated I always carry the caudalié lip moisturizer. I have about 6 floating around at all times. 

My Cuyana makeup bag.  The best for traveling. 

My Cuyana makeup bag. The best for traveling. 

summer beauty favorites

The last thing that goes on before I leave the house is perfume. I love Izia by Sisley for Summer. I always get compliments about what I am wearing if this is on. For dates, I have a tradition of wearing my Penhaligon’s perfume but it has been discontinued so I am using it sparingly. 

This is not a sponsored post. This does include affiliate links which helps me fund my coffee and croissant research.  All opinions are my own. 

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      My favorites are poppy, chestnut, tango and burgundy! They are really hydrating too.