How to Throw a Quarantine Birthday

how to throw a quarantine birthday everyday parisian

I am an April birthday and so is my mom and my grandma was one too. This year is going to be a bit different because Chicago is under a stay at home order and I will be in quarantine. I am not complaining, I am healthy and I came up with a few ideas to make a quarantine birthday extra special this year. I know a lot of you are celebrating quarantine birthdays too. I hope this post is helpful in the planning process.

I asked on Instagram what ideas you had planned for a quarantine birthday and there were some great suggestions including a fondue dinner, dressing up and making cocktails, zoom parties, and of course champagne. If you have ideas on how to make this quarantine birthday a special one, comment below and share!

how to throw a quarantine birthday

Pick a Theme

Whitney went with an Italian and French theme for her birthday. I went with the idea of a tropical theme since I was supposed to be on a boat.

I am officially going to have a quarantine birthday and I know so many of you are as well including my friend Whitney of The Blonde Atlas. We had a Facetime call last week to come up with ideas on how we could help you throw an amazing quarantine birthday party. This will definitely be a birthday you won’t forget.

Whitney was supposed to be in Paris for her birthday so we came up with a Francophile theme for her and I had a boat trip in the Caribbean scheduled so I will be celebrating at home with a tropical theme. We also added a few Italian touches to the day because Whitney and I both love Italy.

Engage Your Senses

HEAR: Create a fun playlist for the day. You can do this on Spotify to go along with the theme. I love listening to jazz when I cook or just hanging around the house reading the Sunday paper.

SEE: Decorate your space with a Happy Birthday Balloon sign, streamers and balloons.

Watch a movie to go along with your theme. Midnight in Paris is a fun one and one of my favorites. Make popcorn, drink champagne and dress up to go along with the theme. Audrey Hepburn movies set in Paris make a great movie marathon.

SMELL: Light a scented candle that brings back memories of a favorite location. This rose scented candle Centifolia from Diptyque brings me back to Paris and makes a great gift idea too. For a beach, floral scent, try this perfume Do Son Eau Toilette.

TASTE: See below…

Set The Menu

Bake a cake! If you have kids, this could be a family activity to let them participate. Let them crack the eggs, mix, or ice the cake. It will be messy, but a lot of fun and you have plenty of time to clean the kitchen after.

Favorite cake recipes include a flourless chocolate cake. I use this recipe and make it at least once a year.

flourless chocolate cake everyday parisian

My aunt sent me this one as an option. I prefer chocolate over vanilla but do what you love, it is your birthday.

Ladurée now delivers if you have a Francophile that loves macarons.

Fondue night is always a hit with cheese, chocolate or both. This creates an experience meal and a fun one too. Cut up your favorite fruits to dip in chocolate.

Make your own pizza. You can get a crust already made at your local grocery. This has been one of my go to quarantine meals. If you have kids, they will love to add the toppings and help prep the pizza. If you have the time, you can make this pizza dough. 

Picnic in a different room than your kitchen. Bring cheese, a baguette, and create your own French picnic at home. Don’t forget the blanket and champagne. Mine is already chilling in the fridge.

If you are going for an Italian theme, make your own pasta. You can buy this pasta maker and make a simple sauce at home. The pasta maker could be the gift to the recipient too.

For a tropical themed birthday, make a fun island cocktail you would be drinking on the beach.

Leverage Local Businesses

In Chicago, Lettuce Entertain You has done an amazing job at crafting birthday menus from their restaurants. From kid friendly options, dinner for two, and big milestones.

Sweet Mandy B’s is one of my favorite bakeries in Chicago. They make a fabulous cake and their ranger cookies and iced cookies are so good. This was the birthday cake of my niece and nephew for their first birthdays. I carried cupcakes all the way from Chicago to Florida to keep the family tradition alive.

Foxtrot delivers wine and champagne if you want to send something in Chicago.

Flowers for Dreams delivers local in Chicago and I love that they give back to the community.

Dress for the Occasion

While most of you are in comfortable clothing for a majority of the week, I highly recommend dressing up for your at home birthday celebration. This is the time to wear those really fun shoes that you have been saving in your closet. The weather doesn’t matter since you are inside, no jackets and open toed shoes are encouraged.

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  1. My daughter and I also have April birthdays, it just so happens, I also live in Chicago! I had decided not to celebrate at all this year, but after seeing your post, I’ve changed my mind. Happy Birthday to me, April 21st!

    • This makes me so happy! Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope you can make it special for her.