The Paris Diaries Fall Day 3

paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

By the start of Day 3 in Paris, I was feeling pretty well rested. My shoulders were killing me from carrying around my camera and lenses in my bag all the day before. I recently purchased a smaller camera and I decided to leave the big camera at home and take this one out instead. There is only one fixed lens on this camera and I haven’t gotten used to it yet but my shoulders needed a rest. While the camera is small, it packs a good punch and the file sizes are larger than my DSLR.

I have had a few questions about my Cuyana bag that I carry, camera and lenses. I will do a post about this soon!

I stopped for a coffee at Chez Janou and sat at the bar for a bit to people watch. This place is packed for lunch and dinner. Make reservations in advance if you can. They were turning people away that didn’t have a table booked.

chez janou paris france by everyday parisian

It was so warm this Saturday and felt more like Summer than the start to Fall. The city was packed with people and I wanted to explore somewhere new. I had on My Paris Agenda to see Paris in a new way.

The Village of St Paul was just a short walk from The Marais but has a totally different feel. It has been on my list to explore for a while and they have antiques here on the weekends.

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

I decided to stop for lunch at the most adorable spot. Le temps des cerises was packed inside and out but I managed to get a table for one inside. I am pretty sure I was the only American as all I heard was French. There was a chalkboard with daily specials along with a regular menu. The daily specials were limited and the one item I had my eye on was finished before I could order.

I ended up ordering the duck with fig and mashed potatoes. It was incredible.

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian


le temps des cerises bistro parisien paris france

After lunch, I was completely full and happy and continued on my walk. I explored more of St Paul and The Marais before meeting friends.

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

the paris diaries fall day 3

I ended up meeting friends in the Marais at a bar called Martin on Blvd du Temple. The bar has a mixture of small seasonal plates and wine. We met here last year and it was the most vegetables I have eaten in one seating and I wasn’t complaining about it.

the paris diaries fall day 3 everyday parisian

The bill was split between 4 of us. The day was a perfect mixture of exploring a new part of Paris solo and catching up with friends.

For the day, I went with a casual look. I wasn’t prepared for how warm it actually was going to be that day. I stripped down to a t-shirt and jeans and didn’t make enough time to go back and change before drinks.

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  1. L’addition s’il vous plait …I love the idea of photographing the bill and a business card as a memory keeper of day, place, and what you ate and drank. It’s more fun than saving receipts to keep track of expenses!

    • Thank you! I wanted a way to show readers how much meals cost when they are planning their trip. There are splurge meals and more budget-friendly options in Paris.

  2. oh I love this.
    I’ve walked around St Paul,
    and found it had a lovely, calming ambience.
    I was so happy to find your blog a while ago,
    the perfect place to satisfy my Paris hunger
    when I can’t get there myself… x

    • Thank you! The city was so crowded by the Seine and all the parks and St Paul was quiet as could be. It was so nice to escape the busy city life by just turning a corner.

      When are you back?

  3. Le Temps fe Cerises has been one of my favorite photo spots for many years. Wonderful indide and out and the owners are so very friendly. Love it!

    • I am so happy to hear you have been. It was such a great spot for lunch and I want to return again on my next visit. I am still dreaming of those figs.