The Paris Diaries Fall Day 5

sunrise in place dauphine waking up in paris, france by rebecca plotnick

I woke up looking out onto the most beautiful Place Dauphine. I set an alarm for sunrise and when I woke up my body was aching from all the walking. I had to give myself a pep talk, sleep can be done at home! I pulled myself out of the bed and looked out to see how the light was. The sun was slowly rising over the Seine. I took a few photographs from the window but I was SO close the Seine. The apartment I was staying in was just about a 5 minute walk to the Seine. If you read the weekly email, you know how this story ends up…

sunrise over place dauphine in paris france. by rebecca plotnick

paris place dauphine by rebecca plotnick waking up in paris france

When I jumped out of bed originally to run to the Seine, I knew I was short on time. I skipped brushing my teeth and washing my face. My routine takes a bit of time… It was more important for me to capture the light for the short time I was here. I also skipped my bra and put on my leather jacket over my toothpaste stained pajama t-shirt, I promise jeans and flats completed the outfit. Sorry, there are no photos of this look. But it did get a lot of attention.

I continued to walk and walk along the Seine. It is one of my favorite things to do in Paris. The city was so quiet and the light was beautiful. I completely forgot what I was wearing or (not wearing) and continued to shoot and walk.

the paris diaries fall day 5 walking the seine at sunrise by everyday parisian

waking up in paris in place dauphine by rebecca plotnick

Once the light was strong and bright, it was time to find coffee and a croissant. I found a nearby café on the Left Bank and took a coffee at the bar. There is a long story that happens at the bar but I ended up apologizing to the bartender in French. A few minutes later, I walked out with his phone number and an offer for a drink after his shift ended. A smile crossed my face, maybe I should go for the no bra/no teeth brushing thing more often?

the paris diaries by everyday parisian

After my Mom read this story in the email, she sent a mass text to the whole family asking why I wasn’t wearing a bra! Thanks, Mom..!

I made it back to the apartment to shower and change before my friend Katie came to the apartment to catch up and do a little work.

We had breakfast on the balcony, a few things I picked up in the area including fresh orange juice. If you have not had the fresh orange juice in Paris, you are missing out.

the paris diaries fall day 5 by everyday parisian

Katie is opening up a new studio in Paris and I was honored to see a preview before it was complete. It was just a quick walk across the Seine from Place Dauphine to the Left Bank. After settling a few hiccups with a shipment for the new studio, Katie and I headed to Odeon for lunch on a terrace because the weather was warm.

Katie planned to do a photo shoot with me early the next morning. In true fashion, I wasn’t happy with what I brought along for photos so it was a mad dash around town before the stores closed to find something to wear. I planned to wear this Sézane top along with my new Coach over the knee boots but I needed one more piece.

across the seine everyday parisian

Before I left to run out, my sweet neighbors invited me over for a glass of wine. I picked up a few things while I was out to enjoy with them on their balcony. They were also renting from Paris Perfect rentals and their door was just next to mine. They were from Canada and frequent Paris visitors so it was fun to learn some cultural differences in Canada and share local Paris favorites.

25 place dauphine paris perfect rentals

After a very fun and late night chatting on the balcony, it was time to finish work. I actually had a few hours left to wrap up some emails and projects.

P.S. The photographs are available in the Print Shop for Purchase and To catch up on previous Paris Diaries you can see them here.

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