Paris Fall Fashion Trends

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

My first trip abroad was to Italy during college for a Semester in Florence. I loved watching the fashion trends all over the city. I took notes way before Instagram and blogging were around on what was trending to see if it hit the US the year after. Last year, I did a roundup of Fall French Fashion Finds which you can see here. I like to think the French are ahead of us by at least a year, so I use this as a way to see if a trend is going to stick around for a while and if I should invest in something or not.

Over the Knee Boots

First thing is first. The over the knee boot! The trend is alive and here to stay!! I have wanted these boots since Devil Wears Prada and I have been searching for the perfect pair since. It has been years but I did finally get these Coach over the knee boots that I love and have worn a bunch already and it is only November.


Over the knee boots were everywhere in Paris and I even saw a woman on an electric scooter wearing them. She flew by too quickly for me to take a photo, but trust me! This is an item I highly recommend you invest in, but everyone has a different budget. Here are a few options at different price points. Target even has a pair for $39.99. You can get both black and brown for under $100.

over the knee boots

suede over the knee boots

Suede Over the Knee $325

Thick Cable Knit Sweaters

I like to refer to them as café sweaters. Think of a cozy cold day in Paris, I would want to be wearing an oversized thick sweater with a café crème or chocolat chaud. The cut is a bit boxier which isn’t the most flattering in my opinion but they still work. I just ordered this one in red and this cozy sweater in green.

thick sweaters for paris

Under $100

café sweater paris fall fashion trends by everyday parisian

$34 two colors available

Men’s Coats

These are oversized just like the sweaters so don’t look for a tailored look with this trend. You can go for a solid color like this coat or a pattern like plaid.

red coat paris fall fashion finds

50% off

paris fall fashion trends

Splurge on this one!


I sat next to an older lady at a café that was head to toe velvet and let’s just say I wanted to be her friend. Fashionably chic! This trend has gone all the way to Home Decor (think pillows and couches)

velvet dress Parisian fall fashion trends

I haven’t owned a velvet dress since I was 13, but I am actually ready to give this trend another go!

velvet blazer

Midi Skirt/Dress

This trend was around over the Summer and I fully embraced it! Pleated skirts and midi dresses were all over Paris.

fall fashion trends

Similar skirt available

paris fall fashion finds

paris fall fashion trends by everyday parisian

Burgundy Red

Clearly I like this color! I found my original coat at Zara but I am seeing this color everywhere. I can’t complain, I think it is my new signature along with my favorite Burgundy lipstick.

paris fall fashion trends by everyday parisian

Belted Jackets

This may be one of my favorite trends behind the over the knee boot. I have had my eye on a belted jacket from Cos for sometime but it is a bit pricey. I was so happy to see a few more budget friendly options around the $200 price point this season at Nordstrom. Can I put a coat on my wish list for Santa?

cos belted jacket paris fall trends

budget friendly paris fall fashion trends

Under $200


They have been around for a while and they are here to stay. Invest in your Blondos (my favorite walking shoe for Paris)

paris fall fashion trends

paris fall fashion trends

Do you have a favorite Fashion trend of the Season? Or perhaps a favorite piece that you can’t stop wearing? I would love to know.

P.S. If you are headed to Paris this Holiday season don’t miss my guide on what to do in Paris over Christmas and New Years.

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  1. My absolute fav for Autumn and winter that I have worn for years and never get tired of is a turtle neck. I’ve have them as sweaters, long sleeve tees, cashmere….. the list goes on. Generally in black or charcoal grey but I love my burganday turtle neck jumper too. Think Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte bardot…. never goes out of style xx

    • Yes, I love it. Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot never go out of style. Classic is key and the French do it well 🙂

  2. I was in Paris last month and purchased a beautiful burgundy coat from the Zara on Champs-Élysées. While I felt a little silly carrying a coat around while temperatures were approaching 80 degrees, oh how happy I was that I did! It has become my statement coat!

    • Lilia,

      I think we have the same coat! It was 40 euros and possibly my favorite purchase in a while. I hope you wear it and enjoy it!!