The Paris Diaries Winter Day 5

ile st louis paris france

This little red car is one of the reasons why I love staying on île st louis. Just wait until you see the back. It brought a huge smile to my face and I was very tempted to ask for a ride. Instead, I did the American huge grin, but I did get a grin back 😉

ile st louis red car

I didn’t talk much about the flooding but it did affect my trip. Ile st louis is surrounded by water and since it was a news highlight from around the world, the island wasn’t so quiet. The weather was dark, rainy, foggy and cold. I can’t say I expected much more in January but snow would have been nice. 

paris france seine photo

This was the view from outside my apartment. Typically, you can see the eiffel tower but you can barely see her with the fog. 

paris france black and white

I had the day to myself which was very important to keep. I had marked it off on my agenda for no plans, which I later made a minor adjustment. I made a walk to the Marais and visited my old hood. If you haven’t been, Le Progrès is one of my favorite spots for people watching and steak frites. 

le progres marais paris france

I wanted to spend most of my time on the Left Bank this day. I booked a hotel for the evening on Rue Jacob at Hôtel des Deux Continents. I checked into the hotel and walked around the neighborhood before meeting up with Corey Frye for our Left Bank walk. I don’t know why but time moved so quickly this day. I had a quick coffee at the hotel before heading out.

hotel des 2 continents

My room was on the top floor and it was small, but the balcony and view made up for it.

paris france rue jacob

You can read all about my walk with Corey Frye here and see the photographs I took during the walk. We enjoyed a café chat afterwards on rue de buci. 

By the time the café chat was over, it was dark in Paris. I headed back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for dinner. I have a favorite spot that isn’t too far from here but I wanted to do something different. 

During the walk, Corey mentioned Hemingway used to eat dinner at Le Pré au Clercs on Rue Jacob. I had dinner there a few years back and I loved the cozy atmosphere and they had jazz playing inside. 

paris france left bank

For other restaurants in the area, there is Le Relais Entrecôte for the best steak frîtes. Be prepared to line up as they take no reservations. It is worth it. 

I was tempted to stop out for dessert or another glass of wine after dinner but I was feeling tired. I walked St Germain de Prés and ended up with a crêpe. Not a bad way to end the night. 

The point of me taking the day for me wasn’t to jam pack it with activities but to slow life down a bit and soak in Paris.

paris france left bank



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  1. Dear Rebecca,
    I thought I was familiar with just about every tasteful Francophile blog but then I discovered yours! As I prepare for a special trip (my 10th) to Paris in early March with my daughter to celebrate her 10th birthday, your recommendations from your recent visit could not be more timely. We are staying in an apartment in the Marais and I am grateful to read of the restaurants you have tried, and your endorsement of Oh My God She’s Parisian, for which we have just booked tickets. Thank you for sharing your love of Paris and your photographic skills through this beautiful blog. I would love to connect with you for coffee next time I am in Chicago (am nearby in Michigan).

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you so much! What a fun trip to celebrate with your daughter! I hope you have the best time together. Let me know if you need any other tips for The Marais. It is my favorite neighborhood to stay in. Also, tell Julie that I say hello when you are at the play. Please keep in touch next time you are in Chicago and I would love to meet for a coffee!