Paris Diaries Day 8

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My last entry into the Paris Diaries was way back in December. I had no intention of spreading out this series as much as I did but life got in the way. Part of me could have easily just not finished it just because of the time lapse but I love recording my daily life in Paris and I know as readers you have shared that you look forward to these posts.

I started writing The Paris Diaries when the blog started back in 2016. I used to write these posts every night as I crawled into bed around midnight. Uploading, editing, and writing would take me until 2 am. I was out with my Paris Family and they reminded me to live in the moment and it was better to enjoy Paris and write about everything when I returned home.

My morning started at Pavillon des Lettres. I had a project pop up from one of my US retailers so ate breakfast in my room and spent time uploading images for approval. I am always balancing a bunch of different projects and just because I am in Paris doesn’t mean that this can stop or be put on the back burner.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

The weather was still unseasonably warm so breakfast on the balcony was a real treat in mid October.

I took a stroll around the neighborhood with my friend Katie and we stopped for coffee at Honor. They have a cute hidden courtyard to enjoy a chat.

I made my way to Pavillon de la Reine which is the sister hotel to Pavillon des Lettres in The Marais. I checked in for one night at Pavillon de la Reine. This is one of my favorite locations in Paris. I love Place des Vosges and it has always been a very special place for me in Paris. This was a last minute change to my itinerary but I welcomed having a night here.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

the paris diaries everyday parisian fall 2018

Of course I am wore my favorite Blondo boots and Hudson jeans. Part of my Fall wardrobe but also, Blondos are the most comfortable walking shoes in Paris and they are waterproof.

the paris diaries everyday parisian day 8

Before arriving to Paris, I scheduled dinner with my Paris family. I always look forward to these meals and it is so much fun catching up. I wish they were back in Chicago so I could see them more but I know they are happy in Paris. I picked up a bottle of wine at a little shop outside Place des Vosges on the way to their new apartment.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

the paris diaries everyday parisian

If you look closely, you will see Martiene through the window.

I took a tour of their new apartment and we caught up on travel stories before heading out in their new neighborhood for dinner.

I have known Martiene since she was six weeks old and now she is ten! She grabbed my phone from my hand and ran up the stairs to the top floor and took this photo. She casually handed my phone back and told me my job was done.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

After dinner, we said our goodbyes after a few hugs and went our separate ways. It was late and Martiene had school in the morning. I rode the metro back to the hotel and caught up on work before falling asleep. As you can imagine after 8 days of running around and pulling really long days nonstop, I was exhausted. I still had a few more things on my agenda before the trip came to a close.

For more on my favorite spots in The Marais you can check out this map.

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Wow. I’ve never been to Pavillon de la Reine or many of these places in France – only in Lion

    • Thank you so much! The hotel is stunning. I love the courtyard and it is tucked away from Place des Vosges so it is a great location. I hope you get the chance to visit soon.