Paris Diaries : Reflecting on Paris Half Way Through

I am going to be short and sweet for now. Currently, it is the afternoon in Paris and the sun is shining. This is rare as the weather has been quite cold and rainy. I spent the morning with friends over breakfast at a new spot just 15 minutes from me. They asked me what was on my list for the rest of the trip. In a way, I have thrown out the list. This is the part about living here instead of visiting. I have meetings planned and projects but besides that, I just want to live and enjoy Paris. I have been incredibly happy enjoying life being disconnected and being immersed in the culture. 

I am switching apartments tomorrow which I have to say I am sad about. I have felt incredibly comfortable in this apartment and love the look and location. I am moving down the street not too far but it will be a little change of scenery. I promise to share details on how I found my apartment and to show you more photos soon of both spaces. 

Reflecting on the trip half way through makes me stop and think what have I enjoyed and focus on doing more of what makes me happy. 

What I am Struggling With …

Paris makes me happy which is why I am here. But if I lived here full time it might be very different. Would I get tired of croissants and coffee? Would I stop thinking the man at the corner café was sweet and charming? Will the magic go away? Like with anything if you see it every day do you appreciate it the same?

Stay tuned for the next book club choice on Wednesday! 


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  1. I am intrigued by the idea of losing one’s joy over something once it becomes common or an everyday part of life. For example, some of my favorite stores used to be far away from me and when I would get to visit them, it was such a treat. Then I moved to areas where those stores are very accessible and the shopping experience lost a bit of the spark. Part of that, though, is because those stores changed their general aesthetic but the excitement of the rarity still faded. In general, the honeymoon phase for me can apply to different areas of my life, including traveling. I think the reasons why we love something have to be grounded in who we really are as people. I am extremely passionate about beautiful things: architecture, fashion, art, or anything design-related. When I see a beautiful building, even after having seen it plenty of times, so long as my taste has not changed, then I still get a lot of joy out of it. It’s probably difficult to keep up the feeling of newness every time, but if a place or thing is based on essential interests, it will likely always bring you some joy and passion.

  2. It’s a very good question! I have been in Paris twice, for two weeks each time, and I adore Paris, but every time I am at Paris I think I wouldn’t like to live there… I mean Paris is fantastic, magical and that city had give me and taught me a lot, but it seems that living there is pretty difficult, it’s a big expensive city, with big problems like any big city… and well you have your life with its own problems and struggles, in Paris or wherever you are. I think the magic of Paris will not going at any time, I just think that our lifes are not that magical.

    • I think I am still in the honeymoon phase after all these years… It still has it’s magic but living here is very different. I am lucky I don’t get the paperwork, taxes, and stress of living here full time. I just dread going home…

  3. I think the magic will go away after a very very long time…I am always in Paris for a few days, so I feel this magic each time. But I have the dream to live in Paris for a while…maybe once…

    • I hope you get the chance to experience it! Living here is so different but still lovely. Even just for a month you should do it!

  4. Haha! Yes the magic goes away. I lived in Paris for nearly 6 yrs and the breaking point for soooo many people I know is year 4 or 5.
    Year 1: ahhh Pareee ! Pure honeymoon phase.
    Year 2: still honeymoon but sorting out your daily mountain of paperwork to remain in the country and paying €1460 to live in 45m2 starts to grind on your nerves a bit
    Year 3: ok, Paris is cute but you’ll have a long list of things that are just hard to accept AND you’ll have cried at either/or/and the post office, trying to buy a train ticket ot refund anything
    Year 4: whatever, you start to let a lot of things go, and you too complain, push & shove like the best of them.
    Year 5: pack your bags, or start drinking heavily if you are here for the long haul 🙂

    Paris is best in small doses. I still love living in France and visiting Paris, but it is tough going in the long-term.

    Enjoy 🙂 Bisou!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I LOVE how you broke it down by year! This is so very true. I am still in the honeymoon phase after living here for months at a time. But I can imagine it wears off like anything does after time.

      I think leaving and coming back is the best way to see the city with a fresh set of eyes. Plus you can’t eat pastries EVERY day but there is a balance.

      Where do you live now?


  5. Rebecca….the magic will never go away, the special feelings, the sweet wonderful people, the culture will always amaze and astound you. I know how you feel, I know how it feels being where you are in your life…been there. I’ve always been inspired by you and look forward to your postings. Dear girl, you hang tight to and stand firm with what you love. Paris has been amazing for hundreds of years…and it’s wonderful people like you that keep Paris amazing.
    Your Parisian dreamer….Russ

  6. Love this!! I felt that way about nyc for a while but years later and it is still magical. Although my heart has always longed for Paris!

    • It is a tough spot. But the more and more I get to know Paris I think it is similar to NYC in a lot of way. The city changes so much and so fast. Plus the new food scene is so much like brooklyn. I am trying not to hit the new places of things I can get back home!

    • I have never been in December! It is my busy month but I would love to see Christmas in Paris