Paris Diaries: Rain Delay

I know you are all anxiously awaiting the next book club book. Or at least I hope so! I should have the announcement by Friday. As most things in France everything moves a bit slower and when it rains…well there are delays. My metro stopped on the way to dinner which made me late. All I could do was laugh. The phone has no service so what can you do? 

I LOVED reading all of your comments on the last post and thank you so much for all over your input. I still think I am in the “honeymoon” phase after five years of traveling back and forth. I hope it lasts forever. I guess that is one of the great perks of leaving and seeing the city with fresh eyes. 

One thing is for certain the rain soaked days have me appreciate the sunny days even more in Paris. They have been far and few between but I guess that is Spring in Paris for you. 

I am making lists upon lists for blog posts when I return. One of which will be things I forgot to pack… Half of my suitcase has gone untouched while some things have been worn over and over again. My umbrella has been the handiest these days more than my sunglasses. What is the thing you have forgotten to pack? 

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  1. We are so on the same page. I have already read and loved 3 out of 5 of your picks, but Bonjour Kale and Perfume Collector were new to me. I loved them both! I think this book club is so amazing. Thank you, and also a thank you for being so real and relatable here on the blog. Love being reminded that sometimes life just happens and being flexible is all we can do!