Paris Diaries Spring Day 5

pavillon de la reine

I woke up early and had breakfast in my room at Pavillon de la Reine. I had a full day so waking up early was essential to fit it all in. I am not sure who roasts the beans or where they source their coffee, but Pavillon de la Reine has some of my favorite in Paris. That large silver pot was completely finished and if you know me and coffee, I was a very happy person. The weather was pretty nice for April, so I opened the windows and let the fresh air in while I caught up on work. 

breakfast paris pavillon de la reine

paris france by rebecca plotnick

Oeuf a la coque is my go to breakfast in Paris. While I love a good croissant, it isn’t a daily thing for me. The cheese at Pavillon de la Reine was too good to pass up so I asked them to bring me some 

coffee paris rebecca plotnick

I stored my bags at the hotel and I was off for a long walk before my lunch meeting in the afternoon. I wanted to take some time for me. I stopped by the cherry blossoms at Notre Dame with less of a crowd and let all the pink surround me like one big cloud.

cherry blossoms paris france rebecca plotnick


I walked to Jardin du Luxembourg and I am so happy I was wearing my blondos. I swear they saved my feet. The weather was nearly almost 80 and I had no jacket. I was only wearing a skirt and shirt. It was very summery for middle of April, but I was so happy to enjoy the sunshine for a bit. Since some of you have been asking, I do wear socks with these. Little footies you can purchase here. 

blondos waterproof walking shoes

paris france luxembourg gardens

The weather was perfect! I watched the boats on the water for bit and really missed my niece and nephew. I hope I can bring them back here soon.

My lunch meeting was at Le Lulli which is located in Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. I walked across the Seine but stopped at a quick park filled with blossoms on Rue de Seine. I ran into a reader who recognized me. It was so fun and I pretty sure I cried happy tears. You all are the best! 

le lulli paris france grand hotel du palais royal

I love Le Lulli for their lunch and I think it is the best kept secret for lunch and the location is so close to the Louvre but not touristy at all. It is tucked away perfectly. I would book ahead just because they were almost full during my lunch. You can get 2 courses for 29 euros or 3 courses for 38 euros. The set menu changes daily with the seasonal selections but the options are so good. I love the fish options, the flavor combinations are so good. 

le lulli paris france grand hotel du palais royal

After lunch, I headed back to Pavillon de La Reine to grab my luggage and I was off to a Paris apartment in a new to me neighborhood. 

I swear every time I moved, my suitcase got heavier. More skincare and more chocolate. 

This Haven in Paris apartment is a dream come true. I will share more details in a future post. I loved the light that hit the apartment in the afternoon. 

I met a friend in the neighborhood for a little rosé and a stroll. I was craving pizza for dinner and she gave into my cravings. 

After a very full day, I walked back to the apartment and caught the sunset on the way home. I was ready to get to bed early for the first time all trip. Running a business in the States and having meetings and contacts in France means my days were very long. I would typically go to bed around 2 am! So turning in around 10:30 was much needed. 

sunset in paris france

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