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everyday parisian reader roundup loungewear

  1. Splendid Fleece Jogger Sweatpants $54

2. Everlane Cashmere Sweatpants $140

3. Active Jogger Pants Splendid $88

4. Madewell on SALE $30

5. Lou and Grey (the ones I bought) $69.50

6. Honeycomb Pajama Pants Madewell $29

7. Zella Joggers $75

8. J Crew Sweatpants $69.50

9. Free People $48

If you have been following the news, you may have seen the Polar Vortex in Chicago. Temperatures reached -50 wind chill. We were encouraged to stay inside until the weather passed. The city shut down from restaurants, gyms, and retail shops.

Since I work from home, not much was different for me except dance class was cancelled. This meant I had a little extra time in the mornings. I swear I am nicer and happier when I work out, so the last two days have been an interesting challenge. I know a lot of people may think bloggers work from their couch in their pajamas, but not this one!

I knew I was going to be inside for an extended period of time and I wanted a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt to keep me warm with the cold weather. When I checked my drawers for sweatpants, I realized I had none! I have a good amount of sweatshirts for dance class in the Winter, but no sweats. So after a quick poll on Instagram, I was given a good amount of recommendations. I was asked to share them and I thought putting them in a blog post would be easiest.

I ended up going with this pair from Lula and Gray. They are the softest cotton and while a bit on the pricier side, I can see myself wearing them enough that the cost wasn’t an issue. I ordered a S for reference. I am 5’7” and they hit around the ankles. I wish they were a few inches longer. Black and Grey were sold out so I went with Navy.

lula and grey loungewear everyday parisian favorites

A huge thank you to everyone that wrote in with suggestions on loungewear. I hope this post helps anyone that is looking for comfortable Winter clothes.

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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