The Paris Diaries Spring Day 4

pavillon de la reine paris france

The weather was finally starting to turn in Paris. I couldn’t exactly sit outside on the terrace at my hotel for too long but I could enjoy breakfast by the window. I taste tested one of each mini pastry and a cup of tea for breakfast. I had plans to meet a friend later for coffee.

pavillon de la reine breakfast

A little peek into my room at Pavillon de la Reine which I will share later. 

pavillon de la reine paris france

I met a friend close by at Boot café for a coffee and walked my old neighborhood in The Marais a bit. Merci is close by and that is always fun to stop into. 

boot café paris francec

I spent some time at Jardin des Plantes because I had heard the white tree was in full bloom and I didn’t want to miss it. The gardens were full of people and I even ran into someone I knew. The weather continued to warm up throughout the day.

jardin des plantes paris france

jardin des plantes paris france

I had lunch with a friend in the 1st arrondisement and I didn’t want to risk being late so instead of walking, I took the train. It was line 1 which put me right in Palais Royal a bit early. I walked through one of my favorite places and you can see that people were out enjoying the weather in full force.

palais royal paris france spring

I met my friend Nina of Insidr Paris at Sarah Lavoine which was just a quick walk from Palais Royal. We had a starter and main which was a fish tartare and coffee. The total for each person was 27.50 euros.

Sarah Lavoine is a Home concept store with a café built in. They use all of their own dishes for sale in the restaurant. I wanted to take home the pink dishes but I am pretty sure they would notice!

sarah lavoine house paris france

I went for a walk to see the blossoms by Notre Dame and I found myself a spot on the bench. I have photographed this area so many times it was nice just to sit and enjoy it all and watch the kids play under the blossoms. I include this in my where to find the cherry blossoms in Paris post. 

cherry blossoms in paris

I headed back to my hotel in Place des Vosges and refreshed a bit before heading back out again. I was due to pick up a special package for my birthday at Pierre Hermé. The weather was finally cooling off and the Pierre Hermé boutique is a quick walk from the hotel. 

I chose a few pastries to celebrate my birthday and I was given a surprise box of macarons. Jacquart champagne sent me home with a bottle of champagne so I had a little impromptu party on the hotel terrace. 

pierre hermé spring pastry

The first tarte was a mixture of rhubarb, passion friut and strawberry called the Celeste tarte. 

pierre hermé chocolate pastry

The second pastry was the 2000 Feuilles which was hazelnut, praline, and chocolate. The first bite left me speechless (which is hard to do) I know I was sharing but the plate quickly found its way in front of me for a few bites. 

pavillon de la reine paris france

My friend Magali came to the hotel to meet me and we ventured out for dinner. Dessert before dinner is always a good idea. We ended up at Miznon Paris which was so good and different. I loved my chicken pita and we even shared a cauliflower. (this is a must order) 

miznon paris

I know you are thinking how did I possibly eat all of this in one day? I can’t figure it out either but I did walk over 10 miles so it somehow balances out. Right? 

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  1. Allo

    Staying at the Hotel Jeanne D’arc in a week’s time so thank you for all the tidbits in Le Marais.

    • Hi Betsy,

      I hope you have a great trip to Paris! Don’t forget to check out the marché des enfants rouge on rue de bretagne!

  2. That cauliflower looks amazingly delicious! Did it have a sauce or something on it or was it just grilled? I think I need to try this at home!

    • I think it is just grilled. No sauce! But the crispy leaves on the edges are my favorite 🙂 They have a cauliflower pita too which has tahini sauce.