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le cinq codet paris france

Paris Hotel Le Cinq Codet

I am typically a Left Bank girl, when I recently discovered Le Cinq Codet I was thrilled at the opportunity to explore more of the area and discover some new streets. My first solo trip to Paris was in 2010, and it wasn’t too far from this hotel. It has been a long time since I stayed in this area. I had a few favorite spots, but I did find some new places that I didn’t know before. You can see the map below on where to eat, drink, and explore in the neighborhood.

I arrived the day after my birthday and I was a bit groggy upon arrival. The hotel greeted me with a birthday gift of an incredible upgrade to their nicest suite. My face was pretty much mouth dropped and eyes open wide. The gentleman showed me around and I was pretty quiet just taking it all in.

le cinq codet paris france

hotel le cinq codet paris france

The bathroom was pretty incredible. I don’t think I have seen anything like it. I felt like I had my own personal spa all to myself. I unpacked all my cosmetics and toiletries and was ready to freshen up for the day before my meetings.

le cinq codet paris france hotel

le cinq codet paris france

le cinq codet paris france

le cinq codet paris france

In between meetings, I enjoyed relaxing in the room and the view from the terrace was pretty heavenly. I didn’t get to use the hot tub but it was very tempting!

terrace view le cinq codet paris france

le cinq codet paris france

le cinq codet paris eiffel tower views

Why fight the crowds at the Eiffel Tower when you can sip champagne and have this view from your private terrace?

Don’t miss the hotel brunch which is well worth the value. There are so many options, of course I felt I had to sample just about everything for research purposes of course 😉

le cinq codet paris france brunch pastries

If you are curious about the pastries, let me tell you they were amazing. My compliments to the pastry chef. I asked the staff about the pastry specifically because I wanted to know which boulangerie supplied them, but they are all made in house. There are gluten free options too which I was pleasantly surprised to see. This was one of the only things I did not try at brunch but I have no doubt they were tasty.

You have the option to enjoy champagne with your brunch, I went with the rosé champagne. There is an outside courtyard that is so peaceful and a beautiful setting for a meal or a drink.

le cinq codet paris france

There was a vegetable and salad station which you could choose which you wanted. I am not the biggest vegetable person but I was surprised how much I liked everything that I tried. There was a cauliflower couscous that was fantastic. The brunch offered a meat and one fish each week. They let me order a little of each and cooked it to your liking, I had fillet and seared tuna.  I finished the meal with dessert. I couldn’t decide so they brought me one of each. The Paris Brest was out of this world good and I would have been happy with the other half and skipping the rest. I am so happy I waited to eat brunch since it was a very filling meal. I wasn’t hungry until much later in the day.

le cinq codet paris france brunch

The hotel had excellent turn down service. I arrived back from my first day out and had slippers by my bed, water, and chocolate on my pillow. The curtains were pulled to block the morning light. I loved every moment at this hotel.

angelina paris france chocolates

le cinq codet paris france

le cinq codet paris france

I felt extremely lucky to have this experience. This video of the Eiffel tower sparkling is for those of you who haven’t made it to Paris yet or for those that are wishing to go and you haven’t had the chance. I wanted to share this with you.

For places to eat and explore close to the hotel you can view on the map. Feel free to download it and use while staying at the hotel. You don’t need wifi to use the map.

A huge thank you to Le Cinq Codet for hosting me and making my birthday one I won’t forget. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Good Morning,

    Did you tell them it was your birthday when you arrived or had you e-mailed prior?


    • Hi!

      They knew ahead of time. But most of the higher end hotels will do a little research on their guests if they want to go above and beyond. It is always good to share if you are celebrating a special occasion. The hotels do a good job helping with a little addition to the room.


  2. Like so many other places, I have walked right by that hotel. We enjoy the area. I will pay more attention next time.

    • It is such a cute area! I hope you get the chance to visit it next time you are in Paris.