My Paris Agenda Spring

My Paris Agenda

My Paris Agenda

I am very excited to be writing about my upcoming trip. It feels real now that I am one day away from boarding a plane for Paris. After two years of being away due to the world being shut down, I am not taking travel for granted. My first trip back was in October and it was incredible. We had amazing warm and sunny weather for 10 straight days. This time around is a bit different, the weather is rain in the forecast but I am not going to let it get me down.

I started these posts as a fun way to share what I have planned for the trip. If you are not on social media, this gives you a look into my schedule and what is to come for future posts.

I will say, the day-to-day scenes of Paris are very fun to watch and share and I encourage you to follow them on Instagram.

I am arriving on Thursday for a quiet weekend soaking up the city.

My last trip to Paris in October was action-packed from the minute my feet hit the ground. I’m looking forward to walking the city, ducking into boulangeries, people watching at cafés, and hitting a museum or two.

I will use the quiet time to mostly capture new content for the blog and new prints for The Print Shop.

I have plans to meet friends for meals and drinks throughout the weekend in between my quiet time.

For the first part of my trip, I am staying in a new hotel that I am excited to check out. It is a newly opened hotel with a beautiful 360-degree rooftop. This is not a sponsored stay. This is a pre-birthday treat to myself.

Everyday Parisian Paris Agenda

I have a photoshoot with my friend Katie Donnelly. We are still figuring out details as the weather forecast has a snowflake and I planned to wear this red dress. It would look beautiful if it actually snowed but I don’t think there will be accumulation.

I had to make some last-minute adjustments to my packing list for more sweaters and scarves and fewer dresses and short sleeves. I will be in Paris for a total of 10 days so I really hope there are bright spots of sunshine and pink blossoms in between the rain.

This is what I plan on packing for Paris.

My clothes are currently laid out ready to go in my carry-on.

I was invited for hair treatment and blowout at René Furterer in Paris. I’ve been working with the Klorane team for years now and this is a special treat. I haven’t had a facial or massage in over two years and this was an immediate yes. I plan on having lunch close by before the treatment and a long walk afterward. It will be so nice to have a blowout before the week begins.

The Atlas Adventures Girls trip starts Sunday!

If you are new to the following or you missed the trip in October, I will be leading a trip of 20 women to Paris. Some of them are first-time visitors, and others are repeat travelers looking for a new experience and to meet friends. My friend Whitney has been leading these tours for over a year now. I helped her back in October and we are excited to do it again. She also leads other fun tours to London, Greece, and Italy.

Everyday Parisian spring 2022 in Paris

Girls trip in Paris

We have a fun agenda planned for the girls that includes a day trip to Champagne, an Eiffel Tower picnic, a private shopping experience at Sézane and so much more!

You can see our agenda here

Once the girls trip is over in Paris I am off to one more destination. I won’t be sharing this spot yet… due to the main requirement of me testing negative for COVID to be able to enter. Send good vibes because this is where I am planning to spend my 40th birthday. I will be sharing with email subscribers first as I will be flying

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  1. Have a fabulous trip & Birthday! For me 40 was not an issue but 50 did make me pause. Don’t worry about that one you have a long time to enjoy the 40’s. I actually think they were the best years overall! Excited to see where you will be heading for the special day.

  2. Happy 40th!! Don’t be nervous…40’s are fabulous! I’m anxious to see where you ring in your birthday…I celebrated my 40th in Santorini, Greece-we definitely need to treat ourselves for heading into such a new and exciting decade!

  3. Rebecca
    Have the most wonderful time. I am twice your age and plan to celebrate the big 80 in Paris too this summer. I too had a hard time with turning 40. But in hindsight it was wasted worry or concern. Your 40’s and beyond become a time of great creativity. The next 3 decades for you will be joyous. Hope you get to your secret destination in fine shape