My Paris Agenda 2021

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I was scrolling through old posts from Fall and I remembered how I wrote my agenda posts each visit. It feels nostalgic to be able to write something like this again. The blog is over 5 years old. I felt I didn’t find my voice until that first trip to Paris after starting the blog. I wrote a series called The Paris Diaries. It was a nod to my grandma and our letters about what I did during my adventures in Paris.

My Paris Agenda 2021

So here I am back again writing about this BIG trip. To give you the backstory on the trip, I am traveling with two blogger friends Whitney and Jess. Whitney is a travel planner by trade and she joined up with Jess to plan a girl’s trip to Paris. Since I have a lot of knowledge about the city, they invited me along to make a power team of 3.

We all offer something different to the group and I know after our wine date in Chicago this Summer, we will have a great time. We are leading a group of 20 girls to Paris! I am used to traveling solo to Paris so this will be a totally different trip than any other one in the past.❤️

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I will be balancing shooting new photos for The Print Shop, gathering content for the blog, and making sure the girls have the best trip in Paris! So, I will be arriving early in Paris to explore and see friends. Also, I want to see the city solo for a bit, fill my belly with a warm croissant, and get lost with my camera. I need to feel whole again even if it is only temporary. I will be staying in a Paris Perfect apartment with Whitney and Victoria for three nights with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Definitely, I will make sure to be outside on the terrace to watch her sparkle with a glass of champagne.

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We will move to Hotel Adele and Jules to greet the girls as they arrive. The girls are from all around the US and they will all be meeting and staying at one hotel in Paris. Some of the girls will have a roommate and some girls will room alone. We have a big activity planned each day and then there will be free time and meals in between for the girls to explore in groups or on their own. We have a private shopping experience with Sézane, a bike tour with Fat Tire, and a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower and shopping at Caudalie. Also, we have a wonderful photographer joining the group that will document it all to share.

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We plan on being extremely safe in terms of Covid. Also, we are all vaccinated. France is only letting in vaccinated travelers at this point. Still, we will all take safety measures of masking up and testing.

After the girls depart for home, I will be extending my trip through the weekend. I am staying at Saint James Paris for one night and Pavillon des Lettres for the remainder of the trip. If you have been following along for a while you may remember a night at Saint James Paris. It was on my bucket list for 2020 if I hit certain goals for the year. I am treating myself with the stay that was promised last year. They just did a remodel so I am really excited to see the transformed space.

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There are a few things on my list to purchase during my trip. It includes, of course, skincare if I have room in my luggage and a bag from Polène (this is a gift to myself). Also, some tea from Mariage Frères. I love tea in the morning in the colder months. And, there are some flavors that aren’t so easy to get in the US.

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Make sure to follow along on Instagram for all the behind-the-scenes and daily life adventures for two weeks. Thank you so much for your support and love. I have been waiting two years for this trip!

To see what I packed for Paris, you can read it all in this post.

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