Holiday Ornaments for Your Tree

The holidays are just around the corner and I love the tradition of adding new ornaments to your tree and the memories they bring. I don’t have a tree in my own home but I have always enjoyed decorating friends’ trees over the years. Ornaments can make great gifts as well to bring memories of life events including a new pet, a wedding/engagement, a big trip, or a new family member.

Holiday Ornaments for Your Tree

This roundup includes some of my favorite ornaments available now as well as Francophile-inspired ornaments to add to your tree. I highly recommend ordering ASAP. I just ordered this adorable Patisserie ornament from Nordstrom for Alyssa as a gift. She had her eye on it and it has come in and out of stock with limited quantities and I know she had her eye on it.

Paris Suitcase with Eiffel Tower and Vespa $15 is just the cutest ornament for the Francophile. It is a great price point too.

Florist Shop in Paris $29. This is so typically Parisian.

Patisserie ornament $29. This comes in and out of stock so keep an eye on it if it is sold out.

Festive Townhouse Ornament $18 This reminds me of Chicago and NYC with the holiday decor in the window.

Glitz and Glamour Ornament $3.99 on sale. The price is too good to pass up.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror. This is a mini of the famous Anthropologie mirror. It’s so cute and a genius idea.

Champagne Glass Ornament Anthropologie $24

Happy Everything Bike $24

More Holiday Ornaments

Dog with Leash Ornament. $59 This would be on the top of my list since I welcomed Henri into my life this year. It just pulls on my heartstrings.

Holiday Champagne Ornament $18

Croissant Ornament $16 You can’t have a Francophile tree without a croissant.

Louvre Ornament $33

Baguette Ornament $18

Green Macaron $10

Rose Window Christmas Ornament from Notre Dame. An Etsy seller! I love this ornament so much as Notre Dame is currently under construction after the fire.

Eiffel Tower Ornament $15

I would love to see photos if anyone purchases one or more of the holiday ornaments. Please tag me #everydayparisian on social so I can see!

P.S. For holiday decor ideas you can check out this post.

*This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased from my links. Merci!

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