What I Miss About Paris

One of the things I miss most about Paris is the people. If you look through my photos, I rarely have people in them. I wake up super early to get an empty view of Paris. ⠀

On this day in October, the city was buzzing full of energy and it was so warm it felt like Summer. You could feel the energy in the air. I captured this moment because I wanted to remember that day and the city so full of life. ⠀

What is something you miss about Paris? If you say the wine, cheese, or pastries I am not going to be mad.

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  1. I miss the cafe life- slowing savoring a coffee and pastry while people watching (often for hours!).

  2. All the little things – sounds of the metro, smells of the streets, of course pastries, and the fun of finding a new favorite shop or spot to eat by accident when I’m lost.