What I Miss About Paris

One of the things I miss most about Paris is the people. If you look through my photos, I rarely have people in them. I wake up super early to get an empty view of Paris. ⠀

On this day in October, the city was buzzing full of energy and it was so warm it felt like Summer. You could feel the energy in the air. I captured this moment because I wanted to remember that day and the city so full of life. ⠀

What is something you miss about Paris? If you say the wine, cheese, or pastries I am not going to be mad.

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  1. I miss the coffee shop by our hotel, Le Bec Salé, and the spéculoos cookies you got with every cup. I would sit, sip, munch and people watch everyday. I miss finding new boulangeries and fromageries to find tasty treats to try and trying new flavors of le beurre bordier. We would shop and then go back to our room for a picnic to try everything. We bought one or two fresh baguettes and croissants everyday and found a wonderful ham at the grocery near our hotel too. Sigh…..

  2. I miss the cafe life- slowing savoring a coffee and pastry while people watching (often for hours!).

  3. All the little things – sounds of the metro, smells of the streets, of course pastries, and the fun of finding a new favorite shop or spot to eat by accident when I’m lost.