A Walk Through the Tuileries

The Tuileries Gardens are located just next to the Louvre. You can visit the Louvre or just visit the gardens. You will recognize the green chairs from other gardens in Paris including Luxembourg Gardens on the Left Bank. Sitting in these green chairs puts me right to sleep! You can sit in the gardens with your feet up towards the fountains and people watch for hours. Bring a good book and a picnic and you are set. I have great memories here with visitors including my Dad and solo strolls in the early morning. You will notice a lot of my shots don’t have people in them.

My last visit was in November of 2019 and the light was so beautiful as the sun was setting. I was standing on the Seine watching the sunset and I noticed the sun was illuminating the buildings just across from the gardens that made them a golden color. I ran over to snap a photo and afterwards I watched the sunset from the fountain in the middle. I am happy that I was able to have this experience and to share these photographs with you. The prints are available for purchase in The Print Shop here. Merci!

Spring in Paris

Fall in The Tuileries

Winter in Paris

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