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Shop Place des Vosges in the Snow

Happy Holidays! I am spending a quiet week at home. I don’t remember the last time I had this much time off at home. Henri is loving every minute of it and he gets extra walks and park dates. Henri has a half-brother named Leo which we had the opportunity to meet this week. It was the cutest meeting!! Our friends gave Henri a big bag of green and red balls and he is in heaven chasing them around the house.

It has only been a few days at home and I have already cleaned out a few cabinets and organized the fridge. I am just staying put at home over break, Chicago is a hot zone right now. My family is all together in Florida which makes me miss them even more. I am happy they are healthy and can take some time off.

Photo of me by Rebecca T Photography

I am terrible at taking a break from work, but I promised I would unplug this week. I have some house projects and plan to read and bake.

I hope you get some time off and can enjoy links I love and some family time. Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love. You have made Sundays my favorite day of the week.

This Chevrolet holiday commercial will have you in tears. It is so sweet. Make sure to watch with the sound on. 

Chicago will start to require vaccine proof when entering gyms, restaurants, and bars starting January 3rd. 

How to sleep like a baby. Steal the sleep routine of a toddler. 

25 of the most anticipated openings of 2022 according to Vogue. I have a few of these on my list. 

I recently purchased this Biosannce plumping serum. I will report back. I currently use their eye cream and night serum that I love. 

Take a look into the newly renovated Musee Carnavalet with a modern tour layout 

After the shortest day of the year, things can only get brighter from here.

This family shared their child’s nonbinary identity on their holiday card and it brought me to tears. I love how the family and school made the child feel comfortable with their decision. 

Parisian Apartment Decor to inspire you

My Christmas present to the house was this Breville coffee maker. We got in the bad habit of taking Henri for a walk and grabbing a cup of coffee at either Starbucks or a local spot. I also picked up this coffee grinder which will be nice to try out some new coffee roasters. 

A Panettone Baked in Prison, and it’s one of Italy’s Best

My gold Anthropologie mirror is currently on sale. I have the 5ft version 

If you are at home this holiday season with some extra time, I recently renewed my Masterclass subscription. It is buy one get one which makes a great gift for another friend or family member that you can’t see this holiday season. There is so much to learn! I love the Annie Lebovitz series, the dog training was great before we brought Henri home, and I love the cooking lessons.

7 Fun Traditions For Spending The Holidays Solo

The best and most durable tights out there are 40% off. I bought a pair recently and love them. I am 5’6″ and got a medium.

Who makes the best pastry in Paris  according to Town and Country Magazine 

I have curves and here are the 4 trends that I have adopted this winter

The mystery of the wheelie suitcase: how gender stereotypes held back the history of invention

New restaurants to try in December in Paris

One of my favorite pajama brands is running a flash sale with code CHEERS30. Grab them while you can. They are so soft!

Victoria’s Secret Unveils Store of the Future in Chicago

The importance of taking time away from your business is Something I struggle with, but I am trying to be better at over the break and this next year. 

Every year, I gift myself a little something from Monica Vinader. It has become a tradition I love and a piece I wear all year. They are currently running a sale if you have the budget to treat yourself to a jewelry piece. Mine is on the way to me! I will share once it arrives.

See this 700 sq ft Chicago apartment remodeled. I love the transformation. 

This is great relationship advice, my next-door neighbor told me this in some form about 10 years ago and it changed everything for me! 

In case you missed it, some of my favorite things from 2021.

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