Links I Love : April Week 3

This week is a little different as I am not on the computer reading as much as usual. I would love to know what you have read this week and if you ever have anything to include please send it my way. Paris has been a bit colder than I thought it would be so I picked up a few scarves this week via BHV saving the day. Hopefully, warmer weather is on the way. I will have a recap of the weekend in Paris tomorrow and how My Paris Agenda is going tomorrow. 

Is there something we can learn how the French take their lunch? via BBC News. 

This Smartphone can be your personal concierge in Paris via Travel and Leisure. 

Paris Restaurants open on Monday (this is good to bookmark) courtesy of Wendy Lyn 

Our 10 Favorite Books About Paris via Elle (an older article but still good recommendations) 

Being single at 30 via Vogue (not French related but more personal) 

Free Museums and Monuments in Paris

How Good Should your French be to Live in France 

You Can Thank an 83-year-old Frenchwoman for bringing Burgundies to America via the Washington Post

8 Places you want to visit to experience The New Paris via Domino

In case you missed it: How to Say Goodbye in French with French is Beautiful

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