Links I Love : July Week 2

parisian courtyard in the summer filled with light

After two weeks of traveling, I am finally home. Although I travel often I have never had an easy time transitioning with jetlag. On the way over I can kick it in a day but the way home is always tough for me. A little recap of the two weeks, I spent a week in Portugal with my Family. (8 of us to be exact) You can read it all here   My sister and the kids went to Italy and my Dad and I continued to Prague and Budapest. I will share more about my travels in a later roundup post because I know some people are asking for recommendations. Croissant research continued and Prague and Budapest made amazing croissants. You may be surprised to know all I wanted when I got home was a kale salad I blame the book “Bonjour Kale” for this one 😉 

I have a Bastille Day Post coming up tomorrow. If you know anything going on in your city please let me know so I can add it to the list! 

This week I celebrated My One Year Anniversary of Blogging  I updated the site a little and you can see a lot of posts from the last year that was hard to find. I have written 210 posts in the last year! Please let me know if there is something you want to see more of in year 2.

How To Sell A Billion Dollar Myth Like a French Girl  if you only read one article this week I highly recommend this one!

Inside Michael Mina’s New Chicago Restaurant, Bringing Classic Paris to Gold Coast (something we have missing for a while now) 

courtesy of Waldorf Astoria via Eater

courtesy of Waldorf Astoria via Eater

A Gluten Free Guide to Glutinous Paris via Vogue

Which Paris Neighborhood Best fits your Personality via Architectural Digest

The Future of Travel to Paris: Introducing the Boom which will get you to Paris in 3 1/2 hours from NYC

Maison Marcel a New French Bakery is set to open in Chicago on Bastille Day

Hoteliers welcome Paris decision forcing Airbnb hosts to register rentals via Reuters

The Last Super By Jamie Beck If you haven’t checked out her instagram or blog I highly recommend it. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you have a Francophile Friend that would enjoy these areticles please pass this along. Enjoy your Sunday! 


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