Links I love : February Week 3

“La Vie en Rose. It means seeing life through rose colored glasses. Only in Paris where the light is pink does that song make sense. But I will have it in my pocket when I get home and I will take it with me wherever I go from now on” Sabrina 

I am a member of Amazon prime and both the new and old Sabrina are free to watch. So once I discovered this and I had to watch the new one. She is a photographer in the new one vs the old one where she is a cook. I love Audrey but the new one speaks more to me. Have you seen them both? 

Some of my favorite reads from the internet this week with a French Twist:

The A to Z of Dating in France

28 Signs your Child is French

17 Books you just can’t put down – if you are in need of a good read

8 Things Happen when you Read

French Obesity Trends Now – American take notes 

14 French Faux- Pas – these are great tips if you are headed to France 

This library just reopened in Paris and it’s stunning! 

Vintage Photos of Romance on the Seine in Paris 

In honor of the sales going on there are many so here is a little roundup:

You can get these steals on these French kindle books: Mon Cher Eclair, My Little French Kitchen, My Little Paris Kitchen, Forever Paris Walks (this is a great one to explore the city in a new light) 

JCrew is having a SALE and I have my eye on this and this 

There is a SALE at Anthropologie sadly this isn’t included in the 40% off but I am dying over these mirrors


I have been working on decorating my apartment in Chicago and it has a Parisian theme (obviously!) I just ordered a new rug, chairs, and I am still trying to find a marble table but I may end up getting this one

I will share the new look soon and there is a gallery wall coming above the couch with West Elm. The photo to the left is from Pottery Barn which I will be sharing more details on soon! 

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