Future Blog Post Ideas and Requests

macarons from alliance bakery

It’s been a full week, I attended the best baguette competition in Chicago with my friend Leyla and managed to taste a few macarons for “research” purposes. As soon as this post is done I am headed to the dance studio because I am headed to Florida in less than a month and I am not feeling bikini ready. 

I have had a few blog requests via email and instagram so I figured I would put them out here and see what your thoughts are. You can comment below to make it super easy. This blog has been so much fun to write and I want to make sure you are getting all the resources you need. 

1. Where to stay in Paris for a single female traveler

2. Where to stay in Paris when looking at Airbnbs I was going to break it down with suggestions and links on which areas to stay and different prices per night.

3. Spending a Birthday in Paris – suggestions on how to spend the day and where to dine

4. French Spots in Chicago

5. What to Pack for Paris in the Spring (what to pack for Paris in the Autumn Here

6. French style accessories (I will focus on this when I am back in Paris) 

7. Where to find my work for sale

Also, save the date for the next meetup in Chicago March 12. Details coming soon! Everyone is invited. 





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    • Hi! Yes, I did get it 🙂 I am brainstorming some ideas for you. I have a birthday I will be celebrating in Paris too. You are very lucky!

  1. I think all of these are interesting but I definitely like #6 about the style accessories. I also wouldn’t mind learning about excellent resources to learn French, more posts about simple recipes, and discussions about Parisian architecture. 🙂

    • Hi Anne,

      I am going to do some posts in Paris where you take a walk with me so I can share a little Paris knowledge. I have some random facts stored up from over the years 🙂