Links I Love Week 5

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Links I Love Week 5

It was a very full week! I had a busy work week and ended up driving to Ohio to see my dad at the end of the work week. I was able to squeeze in seeing friends and family and a few of my favorite places to eat before heading home. Henri was the best co-pilot and kept me company on the drive. I am looking forward to having a slow Sunday at home and getting back to our weekend routine.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love.

The Louvre director restricts visitor numbers

I made this Valentine’s Day playlist which helped get me through the last couple of hours of my drive home this week. 

I love these kitchen design trends for 2023. I am all about the prep area and double islands if we had the space. 

Marin Montagut is available with select items at Bergdorf Goodman. The shop does ship to the US but I hear it is pricey and it will be a challenge to get these glasses home in one piece from France. This is a great option. So many of you asked about this shop when I was in Paris and I brought home a few things. 

I have been using this lash serum since before the wedding. I have raved about it before but this week was the first time my lashes hit my sunglasses which is major progress. It does have some mild irritation when you start but goes away quickly. I also packed this Merit mascara which is a great affordable option. 

My neighbor Lindsay was my sleep coach this week and helped me get back on track after a bad week. I realized I needed my Hatch alarm back which was moved when I traveled and wasn’t put back. It helps my sleep stay on track and wakes me up more rested. Plus, I love the wind-down feature and they have one in French! 

Kristin Harmel has become one of my favorite authors for Paris books about the Holocaust. She announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2023 and is donating part of the proceeds of her new book, The Paris Daughter to breast cancer research. You can read more about her story here. This makes me love her even more for using her platform to bring awareness to breast cancer and getting yearly mammograms. I pre-ordered it to support her. 

Monica Vinader sent over this beautiful gold heart necklace that I love to layer with some of my other pieces. This is such a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day or just something special. My code REBECCA20 still works for 20% off. 

Chelsea boots are hot in Paris. I have these from Everlane which I love. They run true to size I have an 8.5 in the brown tobacco. I want them in black as well! 

I loved this etiquette article via The Cut. Some really great and helpful advice on dating, canceling plans, and sending a condolence letter. 

This week’s best sellers include the best affordable frames

This 237-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Is Extremely Efficient and Ultra Cozy

You can see my Paris winter recap including everywhere I stayed, shopped, and ate 

Lake Pajamas’s spring collection is so cute! They sent these for me and I got a pair of matching ones for my niece to send in a care package. 

My friend Katie and I are giving away a photo shoot in Paris valued at 1000 euros. She is who shoots me all the time and this would be a great gift for solo travelers, couples, and families. 

Top Paris markets to explore 

The winter can dry everything out including your hair. I have been reaching for this hair oil on a regular basis and not only love the way it smells but how it works on my hair and makes it more healthy. I go through a bottle a year. It is expensive but lasts forever 

The most glamorous hotels in the Amalfi Coast we are headed here for our honeymoon this summer and it was fun to discover these as we searched for our hotels

Some business class passengers are being downgraded to coach unexpectedly. Here is the scoop on why 

Outdoor dining is doomed via The Atlantic 

It was this article about Aesop that prompted the gifts below. Aesop is in a bidding war with two large French companies for 2 billion dollars. 

My husband was in Australia and brought me back an assortment of Aesop goodies. If you don’t know the brand, start with body wash, lotion, and hand cream. I was surprised he got me so many great items and they smell incredible. He was very sweet and got me the eye cream to try because he knows how many eye creams I currently own and try. (this one seems to be sold out in a lot of places) 

America’s fever of workaholism is finally breaking via The Atlantic 

Murder Mystery 2 is set in Paris. Here is everything you need to know. I don’t know if I will watch it or skip it but the scenery should be good! 

This historic upper west side remains untouched and is a beauty 

8 Airline Freebies You Didn’t Know Existed in Economy, According to Flight Attendants

I ordered this cardigan which I love and a pair of black pants for the spring. (size up one size) 

My home furniture wish list and our plans for 2023 

The 20 best designer tote bags you will never stop carrying (great investment pieces) via Harper’s Bazaar 

Paris workers brought Paris to a massive halt this week see the reason why 

Klorane’s Friends and Family 25% off sale is on. I love these eye patches which I always have on hand and give to friends and family. 

3 things flight attendants say you should never eat or drink on the plane via Travel and Leisure 

The most romantic places in the world. Yes, Paris made the list but so did so many other spots to explore 

5 minutes that will make you love 21st-century jazz. It is something that is often played at home. My whole family loves jazz. Via NYT

New hotels opening in 2023 this is a great list and I can’t wait to check some of them out! 

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