Home Furniture Wish List

One of my big personal goals this year is to work on our home and put my personal touches on it. It is crazy to think I have lived here for three years. I moved in during the start of the pandemic and we were engaged in 2021 so the wedding took top priority for planning and our yearly budget. I am excited to start making this place home with my husband. We love to make lists and always have house projects. This is my home furniture wish list. I know that some of these will be delayed and ideas will change along the way but it will give you an idea of what I am thinking for the different rooms.

Home Furniture Wish List

Dining Room

The dining room is the project I am most excited about this year. It is a project we both agreed to and we just need to figure out how to configure it to make it work. We would love a space to entertain friends and family. Our kitchen table fits four, five maximum so this would be the best option if we are having a dinner party. Since I moved in during the pandemic, we haven’t entertained much.

We fell in love with this table which offers an extension that would probably work best with our smaller space. This way we could pop in the extra piece to add additional people to the dining table. These are the chairs we love to pair with the table. Sadly, the table is out of our budget and we are looking at other options. We are also playing around with the idea of an oval dining table which would help with space and it was very trendy in Paris this year. I kept seeing them all over in different shops.

Living Room

We don’t need a new coffee table, I would like one. I have had the terrace coffee table for years and it is excellent and has held up so well but keeping the glass clean each week is a challenge. I would love to do something black and my husband wants something less chunky and clean. The room isn’t too big so we want it to look larger than it is. I originally chose this one but leaning more toward this cleaner one that looks similar to the current table but is a different color and has no glass. We originally ordered a coffee table at the start of 2022 and it arrived at the end of the year broken which was a shame but it also made us realize that it was way too low to the ground so we need a higher table

living room couch and tv

We originally ordered a navy sofa from Interior and Define. It has been 6 months and way past our expected delivery date and now the company is having financial issues and the chances of us getting our couch are slim. Most likely we will move another leather couch in the room to balance it out and make room for the dining room space.

Dining Room Additions

I also purchased new pillows to change up the space. We needed more nap pillows for winter at home. The fireplace is such a great feature and my husband decided to add a Samsung tv to the wall to replace my gallery wall so we could watch tv in the room.

Currently, we have large bookshelves which feel too bulky for the room. I would like to break up the bookshelves with something lower profile and put one on each side of the fireplace. This would also require us to go through some of our books and donate and purge which wouldn’t be a bad idea. I am leaning toward one of these bookshelves.


One of the pieces I am most excited about for our home is this kitchen cabinet I ordered in January. We currently have a piece that doesn’t work anymore in the space and I would love to have all of our dishes tucked away nicely here.

black and white Crate and Barrel cabinet

We do eventually have plans to redo the kitchen and if we extend the kitchen cabinets to the end of the room, we would need to find another home for this piece which I already have ideas for. I had the chance to see the piece in person when I was at Crate and Barrel doing our registry last year and it will be great in our kitchen.

When we do the kitchen over, I will be swapping the lighting out over the island but we can’t decide on anything just yet.


One of the spaces we used the most in 2020 was our little outdoor space which was amazing to have. Like most people, we struggled with finding outdoor furniture and had to wait for months or longer to get the pieces delivered. We ordered a bench that never shipped and ended up buying a piece online to fill a temporary need in the summer. Our other bench has seen better days and is now future firewood plus, Henri chewed part of the wood coffee table.

I would love an overhaul of the backyard space this summer. Our neighbors have some great patio furniture that I am envious of. We haven’t decided on anything yet and I keep pushing for a larger dining table for outdoor meals. So this is up in the air until more outdoor furniture is in stock at retailers and we can plan better. We have a small but lovely space for a little herb garden and flowers and this really becomes an extension of our place when the weather warms up. We have been eyeing planters like these that we would like to line our space with for flowers.

French Fermob table and chairs

A few years ago, I purchased a table and chairs from Wayfair which has worked out great. I would love the authentic French Fermob version in green.


I really would love a leaning mirror for our hallway. I think it’s good to have a full-length mirror and I would prefer a beautiful statement piece like this one. It would be great to see it in person before making the big purchase. I am not opposed to finding a large old frame and having a mirror put in as well.

gold mirror for hallway anthropologie

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