Links I Love Week 39

I found this image in my archives while looking for something else and it always reminds me of the opening credits of Midnight in Paris and makes me smile. I am missing Paris so much right now but I am grateful for all the memories and photos that I have captured over the years.

Small but exciting things that happened this week, the new rug FINALLY arrived for the front room, I got the SHOP button on Instagram (I was rejected more than 5 times and pretty much gave up), I found the dark chocolate almonds at Whole Foods that I have been missing for 6 months and This is Us moved up their return date by two weeks. I am ready to cry along with the BIG 3!

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s favorite links:

This brought me to tears and is one of my favorite reads of the week, May Every Woman Find her Marty Ginsburg

This blogger tested 4 Frozen Pain Au Chocolat at Home and this one was her favorite. Running out to get one ASAP!

What Will Happen to Paris’ Grandest Hotels?

I have been using antique French plates at dinner and it makes me so happy. These are similar to what I have at home.

How to Wash Your Mask (it is important to wear a mask but also keep it clean)!

The 9 Best Office Chairs for 2020. I have been on the hunt for one for my home office.

I ordered this sweater from H & M in black. I know I will be at home a lot this Fall/Winter and I want to be cozy. Perfect with a pair of jeans.

How to Deal with a Friendship “Quiet Season” via NYT

If you are in Chicago, Kiki’s Bistro is closing. This was part of Chicago history and we have very few French restaurants left.

Rifle Paper Co just launched the cutest catchall trays. Store your keys here.

Juliette Greco, the face of chic postwar, dies at age 93

JCrew is 40% off cozy edits. This includes this sweater and this sweater, also my pajamas I wear on repeat.

Paris bans gatherings of more than 10 people due to the increase in virus rates.

There is one part left of the front room to complete and that is a gallery wall. I am thinking of all Paris black and white photography using these frames I just ordered and these shelves.

The cult of the butter keeper is real. I have one that sits in the fridge and I love it.

This advent calendar is always the first to sell out before my yearly roundup. If you love Bonne Mama, grab it while you can.

The French cottage of former Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers

I took a trip to The Container Store this week, I wish I saw this article in Domino on how to tackle your small kitchen items organization.

My coffee table from West Elm is on major sale this weekend.

‘Father of the Bride’ the Pandemic and Me. I loved the first one so much. This is a short release available on Netflix. I want to watch this weekend. (NYT)

I recently saw this blog post on a surprise vacation and I love the idea. I immediately sent it to my sister. Fingers crossed this is something we can do as a family when we are reunited again.

An ode to the USPS

On the Blog:

Books to Transport You to Paris

How to Frenchify Your Fall

Where to See Fall in Paris

In Case You Missed It:

The A Year in Paris Calendar 2021 ships this week and there are some available for purchase.

My Favorite Kitchen Items

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  1. Yay! I’m so happy to be getting these on Sundays! Even if I’m reading it on Tuesday! Love those kitchen organization tips! And I’m such a sucker for a good catchall. I’m definitely eyeing those Rifle Paper ones!