Links I Love : Week 2

This month’s book club book is “The Bettencourt Affair: The World’s Richest Woman and The Scandal that Rocked Paris”

First time in Paris? Here are 12 Tips from a Local

Le 86 Champs: L’Occitane and Pierre Hermés New Concept Store on the Champs-Elysées

Paris Cocktail Week is Coming up. If you in Paris this month, join in on the fun and try a new spot in Paris! 

There is a SALE at Anthropologie. There is a more affordable option of the mirror that I own, of course now I want this one too. 

My friend and author, Ann Mah has a new book coming out this year. “The Lost Vintage” tells the story of Kate, a young sommelier who is trying in vain to pass the notoriously difficult Master of Wine exam. She travels to her family’s ancestral vineyard in Burgundy where she discovers a secret cellar and becomes tangled in a web of secrets hidden since the dark days of World War II. As the line between resistance and collaboration blurs, Kate is driven to answer two crucial questions: Who, exactly, did her family aid during the difficult years of the war? And what happened to six valuable bottles of wine that seem to be missing from the cellar’s collection?  

There is a giveaway on GoodReads for 50 free copies of the book. You can enter here. 

Best croissant in NYC, these are the finalist via Frenchly Ceci Cela is one of my favorites! 

A Very Happy Accident – Tarte Tatin via La Cuisine Paris 

5 Parisian (& French) Habits to Adopt This Year

Nordstrom has a set of Diptyque candles for $55. This is typically only sold at the Anniversary Sale. I am not sure how long this will last so snatch it up while you can. 

A tiny woman has had a huge impact on food in America

Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 Years

I typically wear my signature Bubbles Only from Essie but this time I switched it up with Spiked with Style 


This post includes affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci in advance! 

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  1. As usual, I love your post. You and my daughter, Meghann, will both benefit from the Parisian habit of adapting the art of doing nothing. It will trigger those alpha brain waves and foster relaxation and creativity. It has been the best part of my retirement. Bonsoir! Donna Dowd

    • Hello Donna!
      Thank you so much. I am so happy you are finding relaxation and creativity with retirement. You deserve all the best.
      I was so happy to see Meghann tonight. I hope I see you again soon too!