Links I Love : July Week 4

This week’s links I love are a little delayed due to the show last weekend. The days were long, hot, and I had a lot of water damage to the tent from the rain that happened Friday night. I am really happy that Summer shows are over. My next show will be in December. More details on that soon. For those of you who stopped by the tent, you made my weekend so much better. Thank you!! 

If you didn’t get to visit me this Summer you can always purchase my photography online. 

I included the macaron image because it was sent over for an upcoming project. I am still waiting on details but I will be sure to fill you in once the order goes through. Fingers crossed over here.

My music taste is eclectic. I grew up in Ohio and fell in love with Country music which I still love to this day. I drove around Chicago singing with the radio up and the windows down. I also love Jazz which you may have noticed by now from previous posts. I am still planning a Jazz club roundup for Paris and I am looking forward to exploring more Jazz in Chicago. The one concert I would die to see right now is Celine Dion. I know the secret is out and people have mixed feelings but. I just thought I would put that out there just in case anyone has any connections. If you are a Celine fan, you need to watch this video of her in Paris for Couture Week at The Ritz. 

5 Things The French Taught us about Cooking and Eating

21 Disadvantages of Being American in France – This is hilarious and so true! 

6 classic types of French Bread

Did you know there is a cooking school at The Ritz? sign me up for September please! There are so many great options. I still haven’t been since it reopened but I am dying to go. 

How to Dress Your Home Like A French Girl – Part of my August plans include some redecorating so I am taking notes on this one. 

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