A Virtual Art Fair

a virtual art fair wells street chicago rebecca plotnick

I started my photography business doing Farmer’s Markets in the city of Chicago and then I moved to doing in the suburbs. Each Saturday morning, I would load up my car and drive out to the suburbs at 6 am, set up and sell until about 2pm. I would again load up the car and drive back to the city and unload. I would do this pretty much every weekend rain or shine for three years until I invested in my own tent and started Art Fairs.

My first Art Fair was in my neighborhood and one of the best all Summer. Wells Street Art Fair which runs at the same time as Old Town Art Fair. I have been doing Wells Street Art Fair for the last 7 years. I have gone through a few tents, terrible rain storms and crazy hot weather. It is rain or shine, but I pray for good weather for that weekend starting about a month in advance. Terrible anxiety sets in as one year my tent almost blew away from the wind.

We set up our own tents at around 6 am and the crowds roll in around 10 am I close down after dark around 8pm. I don’t leave the booth once the crowds come in. It is packed and I am lucky to have friends come by for reinforcement to help sell, bag, and ring customers.

wells street art booth chicago

This is my best weekend of the entire year that beats out Christmas! It is a great opportunity to meet new customers, sell my work in person and meet blog readers. As much stress as it is to set up the tent and pull this together every year, I love the energy and the people and I look forward to it.

wells street art fair chicago rebecca plotnick

Due to Covid19, the Art Fair was canceled. I completely understand the decision and respect it. Sadly, my income is taking a big hit due to my biggest weekend being canceled. To put the cherry on top, the weather this weekend is going to be beautiful! It will be perfect weather for an art fair, the kind that I wish for every Summer and never get.

Like all businesses in 2020, I have to get creative. I am offering 25% off through the end of Sunday using the code SUMMER in The Print Shop.
You can shop from the comfort of your home and I will ship out orders after the sale ends.

The question I get the most often when I am at the Art Fair and I see returning customers is what have I been up to the last year?

This past year, I did a lot of traveling. I feel extremely lucky especially considering the current situation that I was able to travel as much as I did last year. I was in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Milan, The South of France, and almost Hong Kong! (my flight was canceled last minute) My favorite trip was to The South of France with my family. I was able to see France with a fresh set of eyes of my niece and nephew and create memories with my family in one of my favorite places. We had coffee and croissants for breakfast each morning from the boulangerie, fresh fruit from the local market, and some really great meals.

Also, what’s new in The Print Shop?

I have a whole section dedicated to what is new here. Also, I have been loving The Print Sets and they have been fun to put together for people who are looking for suggestions on what goes best together.

These have been my Best Sellers over the past year and you can purchase them all together here.

Paris Print Set of 4 rebecca plotnick

For Frame Options, I think these are great and the price point is reasonable.

Thank you so much for your support. I miss seeing your smiling faces and hugging each and every one of you when you enter the booth. This will be a hard weekend for me, especially with sunshine in the forecast.

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