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winter on the seine in Paris

I am officially back home from Paris. There was a moment when I thought I may have to stay an extra day with the flights being backed up in the US but that idea quickly vanished and my flight was scheduled to depart on time. I already started coming up with ideas on what I would do with the extra day in Paris and now I feel like I need to schedule my next trip ASAP.

I never feel like my work is done there and there is always something new to explore and a restaurant to try. There is a lot that goes into writing a blog and making recommendations, it is important that the spots I have on my lists hold up to my standards as the years go by so I make a point to not only visit new spots but check up on old ones. The city is constantly changing and it is exciting and also challenging. I can’t wait to share my new discoveries with you in an upcoming post.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for links I love.

Interior design trends for 2023 according to Vogue, what is in and what is out

I Started Traveling Alone — and Writing About It — at 50 Years Old. This Is My Story.

Paris had some colder days than I expected and I ended up buying a pair of leather gloves from Monoprix. I had a lot of requests to link them, these are similar. 

Real-life Emily in Paris locations you can visit in real life This was a hot topic in my meetings this week in Paris. Not everyone loves the show but the dreamy scenery of the city is one of the reasons why so many people are watching and are drawing tourists to Paris. 

This weekend two years ago, we brought home my sweet Henri. He has been such a great addition. You can see a little of baby Henri here.

Battle of succession in the house of Dior via The Guardian 

50 Best Self-Care Ideas for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Avène Friends and Family is happening now and is 25% off. I stocked up on a lot of this brand while I was in Paris. The brand has been reinforced through my dermatologist as a recommended brand and keeps it top of their mind. Use code WINTER25 at checkout Some of my favorites include this body lotion which is perfect for the cold and dry months, this hand cream, and which should always be in your tool kit for any cuts, burns, or severely chapped skin. 

I started a new series on the blog that includes a roundup of my top 5. I am so happy to hear you all love it and gave me some great feedback for future posts. You can see the top 5 things to do in Paris in the winter here! 

Can We Resolve to Let New Year’s Resolutions Go?

My Longchamp travel bag is the best to add to my luggage for when I buy a few too many things and need extra room. I end up checking this bag or my Away bag on a return trip. My most valuable items always stay with me. 

How to Pack Light When You’re Only Traveling With a Carry-On 

The most anticipated restaurant openings in Chicago for 2023. Bookmarking these. I am very excited to get back out in the Chicago dining scene and try some of these 

Travel essentials for long-haul flights 

Paris on the cheap: a local’s guide to flea markets, baguettes, and funky bistros

My favorite mascara was half off at duty-free and I could resist bringing one home 

How to make your iPhone photos better via NYT

What Is Manifestation and How You Can Learn to Manifest Your Best Life

This week’s best sellers include my favorite lip balm. I bought 3 in Paris

99 Ways To Invest In Your Future

How to make gratitude feel less like a chore via TIME

Sneakers are HOT right now in Paris. On the weekend, I would say 80% of people men and women were wearing them. I felt so left out because I didn’t pack any because it was winter and didn’t think I would wear them. I immediately purchased a pair of Veja at BHV. You can find them in the states here. An 8 fit me perfectly. 

The best hotels in Paris according to CN Traveler

The hidden history of Versailles 

One of my goals for 2023 is to turn a room in our home into a dining room. We don’t have a ton of space and feel an oval table make works better than a rectangle. This was a hot debate on Instagram while I was in Paris and I saw quite a bit of oval tables. We are looking at this one over the weekend. 

25 Wellness Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do With Dieting or Weight Loss

The “Buy Now, Pay Later’ bubble is about to burst via The Atlantic

I stopped by the Octobre store in Paris to pick up a few things for my husband. (gifted by the brand) I picked him up this flannel and an XXL was perfect. He loves it so much I am buying it in a second color. The staff was so helpful and were able to suggest his size. I also grabbed these Chelsea boots in suede as I was told these are very on-trend for men. Lastly, I picked up a beanie for him as he is always misplacing his winter hats. 

This 430-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Went From Dingy to Debonair

That Boden dress I keep talking about that I wore for my rehearsal. I packed it for Paris and these may be some of my favorite photos yet. Katie Donnelly is so talented! 

This Is the Most Powerful Passport in 2023

UPS and the package wars via The New Yorker We love our UPS workers

Sunscreen tips from dermatologists are so helpful and I highly recommend you bookmark them! 

5 Things You Do That Annoy Hotel Staff — and How to Avoid Them

You may not think about Japanese food in Paris but the food scene is hot and I had one of my favorite meals this trip at one of the spots on this list called Blueberry. Jun canceled our reservation last minute. 

The best restaurants to order from in Paris this is a great list to bookmark. I haven’t eaten at all of these places but the ones that I have I fully agree with. 

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