How to Get from Paris to the CDG Airport

how to get from Paris Airport CDG to the city of Paris

How to get to Paris from the Paris Airport CDG

To get from CDG airport to central Paris, there are several options for all budget types. There is a train station connected to the airport that will get you to the center of Paris using the RER B train. It is fairly easy to do and one of the cheapest ways to get to Paris. You will need to buy a ticket at the station from vending machines or a ticket office vendor. The ticket machines can be a challenge with international credit cards and it is easier to use euros. If you want to use a card, you can pay in person. Trains run pretty frequently from the airport to Gare du Nord train station. There is a monitor next to the train that will show you the stops so you can identify which train will take you to the city. You can always ask someone for help if you feel unsure.

  1. Taxi

    There is a flat rate for the Paris taxis from CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport to the city center. 50 euros Right Bank/55 euros Left Bank. Make sure to have cash. I didn’t have euros coming back from my hotel to the airport and the taxi driver followed me inside to an ATM to make sure she was paid.

  2. RER B Train in Paris to CDG

    The RER B is easy to get to directly from CDG. The cost is 11.40 euros and it should take around 35 minutes. This is the fastest and cheapest option. Follow the signs to the train from your terminal after you grab your bags and have cleared customs. You will purchase your train ticket from a kiosk or you can stand in line to buy it in person. The lines can be long, I recommend buying from the machine. Make sure to alert your bank that you will be traveling and have cash just in case.

    I have had the machines turn down my card before just because it was a US card and I didn’t have cash. The train will take you to Gare du Nord and you can transfer to the metro with your same ticket. Make sure to keep it with you, as you will need it to exit and transfer. You can then transfer to your metro line to get closer to where you need to go.

    If you are looking for a quick way to beat the traffic into the city, this is it. You can easily jump in a taxi or uber once you get to your stop. Make sure to read my safety tips for riding the RER.

    The train makes 4 stops inside the city so depending on where your final destination is, plan accordingly. There is Denfert-Rochereau, Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame, Châtelet-Les-Halles, and Gare du Nord.

  3. Bus

    Roissy Bus 17.90 euros. For the Roissy bus, the average ride time is around 60 minutes depending on traffic. You can buy this at a kiosk at CDG or directly on the bus. Make sure you have cash if the machine isn’t working. If you are staying close to Opèra take the Roissy Bus. The bus drops off right in front and they run pretty frequently. You can jump in an uber or taxi from here once you are in the center of the city. Montmartre is also not far so this is a great landing spot if you don’t want to take the train.

  4. Uber in Paris

    I have been told there is a flat rate for Uber to and from the airport. You can also schedule a departure to CDG which is helpful for early morning trips. Just keep in mind traffic can be heavy during rush hour. On the way to my Paris Perfect Apartment close to the Eiffel Tower, it was 55 euros. It was so convenient as the car pickup point was right outside the American Airlines terminal. There was a quick request before my driver arrived and helped with my baggage. On the way back to CDG from a friend who lives close to Gare du Nord, it was 35 euros. My flight was very early in the morning so I called the car at 6 am. The ride was less than a 30-minute ride with no traffic. Just make sure to check the price before you confirm the ride. You can see more on transportation from CDG to Paris here.

    G7 is a taxi booking app in Paris where you can schedule a taxi for pickup to or from the airport. It works in a similar way to Uber.

  5. Private Car from Paris to CDG

    Several people have recommended Victor Cabs which was originally a referral from Paris Perfect Rentals. I used them in October and it was easy once the driver located us from the pickup location at the airport. The cost is higher than other services at 75 euros for 1-2 people. Book ahead to secure your car.

    I recently tried out Welcome Pickups on my last trip to Paris in October and again in January. It was very easy to book and the pickup was seamless with communication via Whatsapp. They will greet you just after the luggage exit with a sign with your name. I booked my return at the same time and they were early to pick me up both times at my hotel to return me to the airport. As a female solo traveler, I felt this was safest for me.

Pro Tip for Traveling to CDG Airport

In all situations arriving at the airport at CDG, allow plenty of time to get through customs and security. With the increase in travel in the past year, the airport has had a lot of delays and it will take you more time than you expect. When traveling, I am an early-to-the-airport girl and prefer to spend a little extra time at the gate than panicking in the security line.

Do you have a favorite way to get to and from the airport and Paris? Comment below and share your tips!

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how to get from CDG Paris airport to the city of Paris everyday parisian

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  1. Hi! 1st time in Europe using a metro, help on these questions is appreciated. I will be taking the train from CDG airport with my husband.

    When you say the train will drop you off at the above places you mentioned, which one should I get off at? The place I’m staying at is close to subways:
    – line 6: Cambronne -3 min
    – line 8: La Motte Picquet Grenelle – 5 min
    – line 10: Ségur – 2 min

    When I take the train I have to get off at (x) location and then take another metro to my location?

    Do you reccomend we buy certain tickets from the machine? I am landing in Paris on the 22nd and leaving on the 24th (back to CDG airport).

    My flight from CDG is at 11:05. How early would you recommend I be there if I am heading to Greece? We will only have carry on luggage. How early would you take the subway back to the airport? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Hi! thanks for the tips. I was comparing G7 with welcome pickups and how come the price is such a huge difference? Welcome pickups were almost 90euros for our family of 4 and G7 is only around 40euros at max.. is g7 trust worthy?

  3. Hi, I came across an article on your blog that talks about journeys to CDG and Orly airports but also for any journey that involves Paris, its suburbs and also long distance journeys such as Beauvais airport etc. I work in a shared taxi company, TaxyMaych, which might interest you.
    We offer taxis at 42€ for cdg and 29€ for Orly, the price does not change whether the taxi is shared or not to encourage people to share their taxi.
    We’re cheaper than most taxis and we’re up to 65% less CO2.
    If you need more info don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

  4. Victor cabs more pricey than an uber but so reliable and recommend at least when going to airport. We did Uber from CDG to our Airbnb and was confusing where to meet online in US but it worked out and affordable. But in in a rosh or time crunch Id do Victor – this last time I went to Paris Dec 2022 one night there were just no Ubers so unlike in NYC where I live its not as reliable. So I use Victor when going to airport – like to make sure get picked up on time (they are always early) and get to airport on time. Im always early to airport but for sure recommend being early at CDG when leaving, security lines pretty long and on a lot of Air France flights need to take the internal shuttle to a different terminal so leave the full 3 hours!

  5. For CDG transport, my husband and I have had great success with Welcome Pickups. So happy to see that they have been good to you too Rebecca!

  6. Transport to CDG. I usually have the hotel order the taxi. Next time I need to figure out the correct door number to be dropped off at. Knowing the airline is not enough because the walk to check-in desk could be long if lot of people in main area.

  7. We always arrange with our hotel for a pickup at CDG after a long flight from the Pacific NW. The price is comparable to taking a taxi, and with jet lag it’s a huge relief to be met and escorted door to door. Once we’re acclimated to European time we easily take the metro to get around, but I highly recommend having an arranged pickup upon arrival!

  8. I also use Victor Cabs. They are super. Meet you after baggage claim inside the terminal. Nice clean vehicle.

  9. Forgot to mention, for getting to places other than my typical walking, I downloaded the G7 taxi app which worked well in a pinch to get somewhere further away rather quickly. Shows where cars are and cost upfront

  10. Love your weekly emails and IG posts. My previous trip there was a flight delay for someone that was supposed to arrive before me into CDG, however Victor got it all worked out. To my surprise, he recently reached out prior to my daughter coming home for holiday break asking if she still needed a ride. Since we changed her flight earlier than original it wasn’t necessary. I did arrange her return to CDG pick up recently which she said was great! His new cost is 85 euros for a 1-2 passenger. We will happily use him again for her summer return. 🙂 Will check out your solo traveler ride as well.

  11. We always use Paris Shuttle. You can book it ahead of time from the US, and it’s very convenient and reasonable. It starts at 25 Euro for one person from CDG into the city, and the cost per person goes down the more people you have in your group. They have both shared service (you may drop off/pick up other customers, which takes a bit longer) and private service I believe. SO much easier than schlepping your luggage on the RER as it drops you right at your door!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Thank you so much for this tip! I am so happy to hear you have had a good experience with them and the price is very reasonable.

      So much better than schlepping your luggage on the RER!


  12. When I went there, this was the one thing I wish I researched! We went from CDG to St Germaine. The cab driver charges us $200 euro. And we tipped him! Be aware of this! I was so ticked at myself. Because I researched just about everything we were doing/going. Just to be safe. I didn’t get a receipt. And the consierge at the hotel asked me that. He said if I did get one, the police don’t like that at all.

    • Hi Erin,

      I am so sorry to hear this! That is a crazy high price! I made a big mistake the first time I called a taxi in Paris. Hopefully, this was the only hiccup of your trip.


  13. I’ve taken the train from CDG into Paris and I’ve gotten off by Notre Dame. It didn’t terminate at Gare du Nord. What am I misunderstanding on your post?

    • Hi Mary,

      You are correct! I always take it to Gare du Nord but failed to mention there are 4 stops. I updated it thanks to you 🙂