What I am Packing for Paris this Fall

what I am packing for paris this fall everyday parisian

I leave for Paris this Wednesday and I feel I am not ready to leave town again so quickly. I just returned home from Cincinnati late last night and my suitcase is yet to be unpacked. I knew this when booking the trip but the next few days are going to be jam packed getting ready for this next adventure.

A lot of people are asking what my agenda is this next trip, I am still working on that and it should be in a separate post this week.

The weather looks pretty good for October. It can be hit or miss and I have usually seen it turn towards the end of the month. The weather looks warm for at least half of the trip and since I didn’t see rain my last trip in April, I am actually looking forward to a rainy day.

I created a general packing list for Paris for the Fall here but below is what I am packing for Paris for my trip this year. I hope these packing lists help you when you are preparing for your own trip.

what I am packing for Paris this Fall everyday parisian


I always seem to forget a scarf when I am in Paris. No matter what the season is, it is always good to have one. I have bought multiple scarves to keep warm in April and May. I just bought this blanket scarf which I will bring with me along with a scarf my Aunt bought me a few years ago that I always bring for the plane. I can still this in my carry on and pull it out to use as a blanket.


It is officially leather jacket season which pretty much runs during early Fall and early Spring. I bought one a few years back and it was totally worth the investment since I wear it over and over again.

image of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

image of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

I recently purchased a trench coat that I love but with the sunny weather this April, I didn’t end up needing it. I can’t wait to break it out in Paris this October.


While half the trip will be warm and in the 70’s, the other half is up in the air. Sweaters are essential for Fall in Paris. I have been living in this open front sweater for the last month and I need to snatch it up in more colors. It is part of my Fall uniform.

I wrote a whole blog post about my favorite sweaters for Fall here. I have already fallen in love with some big comfy what I like to call “café sweaters” for the cold/rainy days.

I am leaving some room in my suitcase for a stop at Sèzane to pick up a few more sweaters.

Skirts and Dresses

I am so happy to pull this skirt out of my closet for Paris. I bought it last year and loved it. The original one is sold out but this one is similar.

Image of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

Image of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

I bought this top at Sézane that I will either pair with a skirt or pair of pants. I have already worn it once and I love it.

sézane polka dot top what I am packing for paris

This dress has become a staple
over the last month and I can’t wait to wear it a Parisian café with a red lip.

jcrew tie dress navy


I walk on average about 10 miles a day in Paris so comfortable shoes are important. I love these from Blondo. I wrote a whole post about my favorite walking shoes for Paris here.

Luggage/Carry On

I always bring my Longchamp for a carry on when I fly to Paris. It can easily be folded up into my bag but makes a great addition when my luggage is just on the border of being overweight. Let’s be honest that has happened more than once. I carry snacks, my toothbrush, a clean pair of underwear and a blanket scarf. The luggage is so much heavier on the way home but it fits right on top of my suitcase so it isn’t too bad.

what I am packing for paris in the fall by everyday parisian

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  1. Hi,

    Just stumbled upon your website and love it !!! I am taking my husband to Paris (his first time) in late Nov to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I am trying to make it special for him and have hired flytographer to take professional photos , Moulin Rouge tickets, dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Can you recommend any ‘must go’ special/romantic restaurants that we shouldn’t miss (note: my husband is not very adventurous when it comes to dining and neither of us speak French…Thanks so much !!!

    • Merci!! I will miss seeing your smiling face! I may catch you one more time tomorrow morning as we wiz by!!

  2. Hello Lovely! I live in the Southwest and we’ve had the most incredibly hot and long summer here in my region and Paris is not too different temp wise. As your girl on the ground we are now having cool evenings and cold mornings but so far here days still lovely. We have had a big drop this week due to rain and I have had to crack out the odd sweater, button up shirt and jeans or other long pants. I love your packing guides. I’m heading to London in 10 days and am wracking my brains! Here’s what I have never seen since living in France- travel size cosmetics and toiletries! I want to take my favs but I only bring a carry On! With liquid restrictions this is impossible! Xx c u soon on the other side.

    • Thank you so much! I will bring a variety of clothes and layers for those cold mornings and warm days.

      You can pick up France travel sized cosmetics at the Pharmacie. They have them at checkout. I have seen them a bunch of times from Caudalie in almost all of their products. I hope this helps!

      See you on the other side! 🙂

    • I have been loyal to the same airline since I started my business. It may not always be the best deal out there but I have earned a little bit of status which helps with delayed flights and other travel issues. I think it helps in the long run!

  3. Gosh I love the leather jacket and the trench coat. Im looking for one for my trip to Spain and Portugal in April next year. Im sure it will be needed 🙂 then I will have it for Paris the following year.

    • Thank you! I have worn the same leather jacket forever. It is such a great investment piece. Totally worth it! Where are you going in Portugal? I loved Porto and Lisbon 🙂