How to Clean Your Le Creuset

How to Clean Your Le Creuset

This is one of the questions I get asked the most from readers. If you have followed me on Instagram over the past year, I have done a LOT of cooking. I rarely do takeaway and I haven’t dined into a restaurant since March 2020. My Le Creuset Dutch Oven is used pretty much daily. A few months ago, I made Brussels sprouts via Half Baked Harvest and I thought I ruined the pan.

how to clean your le creuset

how to clean your le creuset everyday parisian

After some quick research, I figured out the easiest solution! BAKING SODA. It costs under $1.00 and it is a miracle worker.

It is pretty simple. After you are done cooking, do not freak out!

  1. Clear the food out as you normally would and fill the pot halfway with warm water from the tap.

  2. Add a drop of Dawn dishwashing detergent

  3. Put the pot back on the stovetop and turn to medium heat. You want the water to get to a boil but since there is soap in there you have to be careful it doesn’t boil over.

  4. Add a shake of your baking soda. There is no magic amount, I just put 1 -2 tablespoons in.

  5. Turn the water down low and let it move around with the soap.

  6. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. This is when I clean up the rest of dinner, fill the dishwasher and once everything is finished, my pot is the last thing that is rinsed in the sink.

  7. This should clear up any residue on the pan! If there are some tough spots, repeat the process. I have never had to do it more than twice

how to clean your le creuset

how to clean your le creuset everyday parisian

Here are some of my other favorite Le Creuset pans that I use often include:

how to clean your le creuset pot everyday parisian

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  1. Will definitely have to try this! The employees at Crate and Barrel recommended Bar Keeper’s Friend (the powdered version) and a dish scrubber instead of a sponge to clean our Dutch oven and it works like magic. I use Bar Keeper’s to clean everything in the house now.

    • I use both methods and they are equally efficient, although the baking soda approach takes longer. A few things to remember when cooking with Le Creuset: never put a Le Creuset pan on high heat immediately; heat the pan up slowly starting with low heat, and don’t add any ingredients until it has been warmed – this will eliminate the hard cleaning requirement and allow for more even cooking. On a related note, although they are technically dishwasher-safe, the colors can fade over time so take the time to clean them manually to preserve their beautiful colors for years to come. I have a number of Le Creuset beauties and they are a treasure. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you, Alex! I will try Bar Keeper’s Friend too to see the difference. I have some on hand to clean the sink 🙂